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Are Gringos Appropriating the Struggle of Illegal Immigrants?

Published October 1, 2022 in Personal Stories & Opinions - 0 Comments

Trent is an American who lived in Mexico for years.

His FMM expired.

He was 9 months being "illegal."

An illegal immigrant?

And, during his time of being "illegal," he was having a rough time.

Just like any illegal immigrant would!

He was always at the local Mezcal bar having to decide how much to drink.

Consider his options of snacks from french fries to esquites and thinking to himself "what should I order as an illegal? SO DIFFICULT!"

But, before he got to that bar, he had to make ANOTHER tough decision that only those who struggle as illegal immigrants could contemplate.

He was sitting in his 40,000 MXN a month apartment and had to decide: "which Mexican bitch do I want SUCKING MY COCK tonight?"

On one hand, we have Alejandra.

She is a White Mexican. Fairly petite.

Trent likes petite women.

But has quite a big nose and her face overall is just OK.

On the other hand, we have Araceli who is a brown woman with a cuter face, not as petite but has a BIG ASS.

Given Alejandra's used too much teeth the last time she sucked Trent's dick, he chose Araceli.

It was tough though to decide.


But, on the flip side, he doesn't want his dick turned into shredded cheese again and, deep inside, there's a part of him that gets turned on by taking a BROWN MEXICAN BITCH and filling her pussy up with GRINGO CUM.

So he chose Araceli for the night!

On other days and nights, there were other equally tough decisions that Trent had to make.

Sometimes he can't decide what to have for dinner!

Should he get the 800 peso Argentine steak with 80 peso empanadas and 1000 peso bottles of wine?

Or maybe he should go to Pujol for the 9th time this month?

The life of an illegal immigrant is tough.

It comes with struggles that any illegal immigrant can relate to!

His biggest struggle of all was when the USD to MXN exchange rate fell from 20.94 MXN to 20.72 MXN per dollar.

How will our illegal immigrant ever recover?

Eventually though, Trent might decide to quit role playing as an illegal immigrant.

He buys that plane ticket given it is time to quit living abroad and take on that fancy job at Wallstreet in NYC that his dad has ready for him at the company he owns.

A few months later.

Trent is walking through NYC in his suit that is worth 50,000 dollars as he has a dinner date with the daughter of the mayor.

Along the way, he sees a Mexican that looks like he has more change than paper in his pockets.

The Mexican asks for money.

They get into a quick conversation as Trent realizes that they have something in common.

He's from Mexico and Trent spent a few months in Mexico!

But Trent also assumes that he must be an illegal immigrant.

With that assumption, Trent puts his hand on his shoulder and, like Patrick Bateman, tries to connect with his fellow man.

Patrick Bateman Homeless

The Mexican looks up at him confusingly.

Trent assures him that he "knows the struggle of being an illegal."

The Mexican, whose native language isn't English, starts to wonder if he is misunderstanding Trent.

Trent begins to explain.

"When I was an illegal just like you, I had many challenges. To decide whose pussy to creampie? To decide which fancy restaurant to eat at? To decide which apartment in Polanco to live in? It was tough. I sympathize with you. We are the same, my brother. We are the same! I, too, was an illegal immigrant."

The Mexican responds in an exotic language that Trent, despite living for some time in Mexico, doesn't recognize.

"Que pendejo!!!"

Trent nods with a smile.

"If you ever need anyone to talk to about being illegal, just call me" Trent assures as he hands him his card.

Then Trent walks away to get to that dinner date.

An inspiring story of two illegal immigrants finding a commonality.

Are you crying or are those just the onions?

Gringos Appropriating Illegal Immigrant?

It's a topic that I wrote about here.

A topic that has been around for over a decade and written about in other articles like this one here or here.

What is the gringo that lives in Latin America?

Is he an expat or an illegal immigrant?

Kids these days prefer the term digital nomad.

The idea basically goes like this:

Brown people who move abroad get called immigrants and white people get called expats.

Laughs in Ukrainian or Polish.

Because, as we know, those escaping Ukraine now or the Polish who moved to the UK were called expats too!

Still, for more detail on my thoughts on such debate, check out again this article I wrote here.

Putting that aside, it has come to my attention that, in all honesty, most of the people are being disingenuous when they argue this talking point.

Of course, I could mention how most Latin Americans would look at us gringos confusingly if we called ourselves immigrants.

Like how some looked confused when I simply explained I live here as I wrote here (didn't even use the word immigrant).

But, on top of that, those who do claim we are immigrants are being disingenuous because they tend to lean to the left.

And those who lean to the left love a good struggle story.

They love turning everything into a story of oppression and sometimes rising against that oppression so they feel they have a story in life that is bullshit. 

And, in this context of left leaning Americans and Mexicans who wish to punch up at grinos saying this shit, one could easily see how offended they would be if we actually coopted the term "immigrant" or "illegal immigrant."

At least for the Mexicans, it really is their attempt to "punch up" at gringos they believe ALWAYS look down on them due to their inferiority complex.

For the Americans, it's just their attempt at being more woke than the next person and pandering to issues that don't have anything to do with them.

But if gringos were to really adopt those terms "immigrant" and especially "illegal immigrant," I have a theory that some of those who insist on us being called immigrants would get pissed.

Because then we are, as they'd put in in their own terminology, "appropriating" the term of those who struggle in the US.

When we think of illegal immigrants in the US, we tend to think of the Mexican dude picking tomatoes or working construction.

Maybe he gets deported.

Ends up on drugs in Tijuana.

Shit like that.

And so us privileged gringos (often characterized as white even though plenty of non-white gringos exist living down here) are REALLY trying to adopt a term for those who have gone through so much struggle?

"GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE" says the woke liberal of the US who makes that connection finally at the sight of a gringo unironically calling himself an "illegal immigrant" or even just "immigrant" while living in Mexico.

After all, if they get bitchy at us just speaking Spanish as I wrote here, then they'd probably find similar issues with us just adopting the term "illegal immigrant" or "immigrant" unironically.

At least some of them.

Do we, as privileged gringos, really adopt the term used to describe those that have struggled so much more against the colonialism, racism, xenophobia, classism, sexism, probably transphobia and whatever the fuck else that illegal immigrants from Mexico have had to endure in the US?

Of course, leave it to the privileged white gringos to say such things!

Appropriating a term that was never about them!

This injustice must not continue!

I could legit see someone saying this if gringos were to unironically claim to be "illegal immigrants."

In the same way I could see a negative reaction if said gringo were to say "BUT NOBODY IS ILLEGAL!!!" to another gringo that claims that some of the gringos in Mexico are "illegal immigrants."

Above all, those who get bend over backwards to insist that we are "illegal immigrants" with a bit of anger are just trying to be edgy.

Though, as a last point, I guess technically the term "illegal immigrant" is right for those gringos who are illegal here.

At least the illegal part.

Though, when trying to take the term seriously, obviously one can question how much of an immigrant "Trent" was and if his experiences are really the same as the Mexican he meets in NYC.

If not, wouldn't another term be appropriate?

No no no no -- let Trent "appropriate" the term illegal immigrant and, like I said, let's see how those trying to be edgy react when he does so unironically.

Be it the pandering from the side of the gringos.

To the "punching up" attempt by the Mexicans.

Nothing more than that.

Anyway, that's all I got to say.

If you got anything to add, drop a comment below.

And follow my Twitter here.

Thanks for reading.

Best regards,


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