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A Taxi Ride Through the Southern Most Pueblos of Mexico City

Published October 1, 2022 in Mexico - 0 Comments

About a month ago, I got into an Uber to drive from Tlahuac to what I call "the southernmost pueblos" of Mexico City.

If you look at Google Maps, you'd see what I mean.

These tiny populated spaces surrounding by some green that is far from most of the city.

I decided to drive through the area "just because" and see what is down there on a quick trip that lasted over 9 hours.

The Uber driver technically finished his trip in a spot called San Miguel Topilejo but I asked him if he could keep driving after the trip is over and what would his daily rate be?

He said 150 pesos an hour or about 7 bucks.


Cheap as fuck.

So we carried on.

As I said, it lasted over 9 hours.

We ended up visiting the following areas: Lomas de Tepemecatl, San Miguel Ajusco, Ocotla Chico, San Miguel Topilejo, San Francisco Tlalnepantla, Santa Cecilia Tepetlapa, San Salvador Cuauhtenco, San Bartolome Xicomulco, San Pablo Oztotepec, San Pedro Atocpan, San Lorenzo Tlacoyucan, Santa Ana Tlacotenco, San Francisco Tecoxpa and Villa Milpa Alta.

Out of those areas, the ones I liked the most were San Miguel Topilejo, San Pablo Oztotepec, San Pedro Atocpan and Villa Milpa Alta.

San Pedro Atocpan being the nicest by far without question and definitely the top place I would choose to live in if I had to live this far south.

And, despite all the talk about gringos flooding into
CDMX, the vast majority only stick to a few areas and it's not hard to find spots that are void of them.

You don't have to go this far south to be away from them but obviously these areas had no gringos.

Anyway, enjoy the photos below.

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