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A Day Visiting Valle de Chalco of Mexico City

Published October 1, 2022 in Mexico - 0 Comments

On the southeastern border of Mexico City is another city called Chalco in State of Mexico.

It technically has a longer name but I call it Chalco.

It has a bad reputation of being a shithole.

Violent. Corrupt cops. All of it.

Anyway, I visited "just because."

I had an Uber driver take me around to a bunch of nearby volcanoes for photo taking and then drop me off at Chalco.

Took a bunch of photos.

Got into a moto taxi when then to take more photos as I had him drive me around most of the main avenues.

Visit the main spots like this museum they got, some shopping mall, a volcano nearby, a park and a bunch of other stuff.

Saw a street market.

The place looked OK.

Got a haircut and the dude told me that the place is actually on the up because, according to him, most people in the city would commute to CDMX for work 7 years ago but now you got more local work in the area supposedly.

Finished my night getting a beer in some random bar before getting an Uber home.

All around, it's an OK place to visit.

You don't need more than a day or half a day here at most.

Anyway, enjoy some of the photos I took of the place below.

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