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Time in Parque El Batán of Mexico City

Published August 3, 2022 in Mexico - 0 Comments

Parque El Batan is a park located right above Jardines del Pedregal of Mexico City.

A bit on the south side.

Worth a quick visit.

The park itself isn't overly interesting.

They have a little space that has a few birds and some neglected looking turtles.

Seems more suitable really for when a group of friends want to get together and bring their own food there or something.

Saw a large group of young people show up and have their own little event.

Eating food.

Some even playing American football funny enough despite not seemingly being from the US.

Anyway, the park could be seen in about 20 minute (or enjoyed for longer obviously). It's not overly big.

Is worth a quick visit.

After this park, I took a taxi to Metro Copilco as I didn't feel like taking the bus (was only 20 pesos) and then went to see Copilco El Alto.

Metro Copilco is fairly close.

Enjoy the photos below.

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