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Photos of Parque Cuitláhuac and Monumento Cabeza de Juárez in Mexico City

Published August 3, 2022 in Mexico - 0 Comments

In Iztapalapa of Mexico City, you have two places of interest that you can visit: Parque Cuitláhuac and Monumento Cabeza de Juárez.

After leaving a nearby park called El Zapote in Tlahuac, I headed on over here.

First visited Parque Cuitláhuac.

At first, I thought the place was closed because the gate was closed.

Despite Google Maps saying it was open.

"Fucking cocksuckers" I thought.

Then I walked around to another entrance and saw it was open.

For some reason, I guess they were too lazy to open the first gate.

Saw no reason why it couldn't be open!

Not like they were taking people's names when entering or anything.

So I walked in.

Is an OK park.

They claim to have some lake on some sign but, when I followed the sign, there was no lake.

Was a very tiny puddle of water so I guess it dried up.

Though there was a mini fountain looking area.

Outside of that, the park isn't too big. Seems more suitable for families to bring their kids to.

Not much else.

There's a few tower looking things in the park that, though I didn't try, I THINK you can climb to get a vantage point of the park.

There's also a few food spots selling junk food like dorilocos.

I had some dorilocos there.

Also, there's a mini zoo area that is free to enter. Just leave your backpack, bag or whatever near the front.

Lady at the entrance seemed nice.

The mini zoo doesn't have much though. Don't expect anything too crazy like tigers or penguins.

It's not like the zoo at Bosque de Aragon in Mexico City for example.

They have a few horses, bunnies, a cow, pigs, a single turtle, etc.

Literally just a single turtle.

Maybe there are others but I didn't see them.

Imagine being that turtle for a second.

You got no friends.

Not in your natural ecosystem.

No family.

And you are placed on a random rock space that you can't escape for humans to stare at you in your loneliness.

Sucks, bro.

They really need to save up the funds to get that turtle a friend, don't they?

Anyway, that's all there is to this park.

Nearby, you also got a little head statue just slightly north of this park called Monumento Cabeza de Juárez.

It's the first thing you see in the photos below.

It's literally just a random head statue dedicated to Mexico's 26th President: Benito Juarez.

That's it.

Check it out if you want.

I'd visit if I was you and you happened to be visiting the mentioned park.

It's only a very quick taxi ride away. Was like 20 pesos for the taxi ride.

Get there. Take a quick photo. Then ditch to see something else.

One thing I would change is maybe add more seating -- a few benches -- to the surrounding area like in that walk you see in the first pic below.

Anyway, that is all I got to say.

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And thanks for reading.

Best regards,


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