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A Trip to Cuicuilco in Mexico City

Published August 3, 2022 in Mexico - 0 Comments

Cuicuilco is basically some archeological site in Tlaplan of the south of Mexico City.

When I showed up, I was dropped off at some parking lot and had to sign my name to get in.

No ID needed.

No entrance fee.

Immediately, you'll see (if I remember right) three routes (or two?) you can begin walking down.

They all basically lead to the same archeological site.

Lots of trees and all that good stuff while walking over.

Anyway, when you get there (and it's maybe a 10 minute walk on the route I took), you'll walk up some steps to get to the top of it.

Bunch of signs telling you what happened here.

From what I remember, I think the basics of it was that some random indigenous group was here. It's a very old site. One of the earliest (if not the earliest) in this specific part of Mexico. Then a volcano erupted and fucked their society up.

The end.

It's OK to visit.

Not overly exciting.

Kinda wish they didn't have all the sights of Mexico City's buildings in the distance.

I guess it'd have more of a "wow, I'm in a lost civilization" vibe if there were not so many modern buildings you could see in the distance.

Granted, it's not like they could move the archeological site away obviously.

But it would perhaps feel a tiny bit more like what you see with "Ciudad Perdida" in Colombia if it was stuck somewhere in the middle of a jungle looking spot or whatever.

Anyway, they also have a museum at this place.

I don't remember any sign pointing me in the direction of it but it's basically to the side of the archeological site where there's some small little path you go down.

When you get there (and it's like a 2 minute walk), you can buy a little brochure that tells you everything you need to know in both English and Spanish.

Mine costed like 5 pesos.

It's a small museum anyway.

My favorite parts was seeing the painting of the volcano fucking up their society and also the skulls and the skeleton dude you see.

In the moment, I was thinking it was kinda weird to see some random dude's skull on portrayal.

Just imagine that dude for a second.

Hundreds of years ago (or whenever it was), you were just chilling with the homies having beer and talking about smashing indigenous pussy.

Then, all of a sudden, a volcano erupts and literally EVERYTHING you know is destroyed.

In the distance, you see your wife and 9 children all screaming for help as the lava kills them. 

Screaming "dad, help us!!!"

But there's no help.

God is DEAD (the indigenous, prehispanic god anyway -- whoever they believed in).

And your brain MELTS in horror as you realize your genetic legacy to humanity is being ANNIHILATED

Then, roll the clock about some hundreds of years later (or however long) and your literal SKULL is on portrayal for a random white dude to take pictures of for his blog.

His blog on something called the internet that you never heard of taken by a dude of a skin color you have never seen before.


Sure sucks to be you, Mr. Skull dude!

....Nice skull by the way. Mine is bigger.

Anyway, enough of random thoughts I had.

The museum was OK overall.

You wouldn't need more an hour at this entire place.

There's also a side trail you can go down but it doesn't really lead to anything. Just more trees.

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And enjoy the pictures below.

Thanks for reading.

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