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“He Don’t Did Nothing Wrong! Just Rob Somebody!”

Published May 30, 2022 in Health & Safety - 0 Comments

In the last few articles I wrote, there's been no shortage of examples out there showing how fucked the police can be in Mexico and broader Latin America.

However, as we all know, sometimes the police might actually just be doing their job right and are pursuing a suspected criminal.

When I hear anyway of a case where a police officer has been involved in some incident with someone accused of a crime, I'll admit that it can be easy to fall into the mindset of "the cop was just looking for a bribe, is corrupt, abused his power, etc."

In the US, I tend to hold a higher view of police because they tend to come across as less corrupt than the ones in Mexico (though, to be fair, there's plenty of examples of corrupt cops abusing their power in the US also).

Still, in both the US and Mexico (or anywhere in the world),  you again have those who deserve to have justice brought to them.

And, when you see how difficult it can be sometimes for the police to properly prosecute someone down here, sometimes you do have more sympathy for the cop who does things "more informally" down here that would be considered an "abuse of power."

For example, I heard a story once of a Mexican gal who had photos of a random man masturbating in front of her on the metro in Mexico City.

She showed the cops in the metro station right there when she could and they held him but ultimately persuaded her against trying to charge him because "it'll be very difficult and lengthy and costly for you to do this legally."

While one could argue the various reasons the cops persuaded her not to press charges, the cops at least took the guy away to a hidden spot to kick his ass.

And I've personally seen cops take people to some spot elsewhere to kick their ass down here if they fucked up.

Years ago, I saw a drunk driver hit someone and it caused a vehicle to be lit on fire.

Moments later, the police arrive. They discuss things with those involved. And things get heated and the police kick the living shit out of the drunk driver right there with everyone watching.

Sometimes "informality" isn't a bad thing (especially if the process to legally bring justice to someone is not very efficient in a country like Mexico perhaps).

So, just to clarify, you have shithead police doing fucked up shit like demanding bribes and you have shithead criminals who sometimes need a good ass kicking.

And anyone who has lived in Mexico or other countries even has experience or has heard of both groups of people.

On top of that, the doubt that the suspect is innocent is sometimes worsened by the fact that there are no shortage of shithead criminals who have their screeching mothers coming out of the woodwork to cry out "HE DONT DO NOTHING WRONG!! HE A GOOD BOY!! JUST ROB SOME PEOPLE, THAT ALL!!!"

At this point, it's basically a mini joke among people in some Latin American countries (like Mexico, Guatemala, etc) regarding how fucking stupid some families can be (and, to be fair, I'm sure other countries have this type of family).


For those who don't know, a more classic example of what I'm talking about is with this story here.

Here's a key quote from it:

"Un asalto a un autobús de pasajeros en Guatemala el fin de semana terminó con uno de los asaltantes muerto y el otro herido. Pero lo que más llamó la atención fue la reacción de la madre del fallecido, que exigió justicia, porque su hijo “sólo salió a asaltar”.

Basically, you have this mother crying about how her son got shot to death during an incident where he tried robbing a bus and was shot by one of the passengers who had a gun also.

The mother cried out literally word for word the following: “Mi hijo se levantó temprano a asaltar los buses, como siempre, no le hacía daño a nadie, no le disparaba a nadie, sólo los asaltaba”.

Basically saying that "my son only got up everyday to assault/rob buses, like always. He never hurt nobody, never shot anyone, only assaulted/robbed people."

For those curious, here's a video on the subject also.

Now, to be fair, we can all understand why a mother would be upset of her kid getting killed.

Though, in her words, she seemed to know that he was "just getting up to steal everyday, like always" or "como siempre."

That to me suggests a family that raised the kid badly and knew he was into fucked shit.

Similarly, here in Mexico City, we have this story that you can see below that came out of Pedregal de Santo Domingo recently where a family was raising their kids to be thieves literally.

Give it 10 years when the kids are grown up to be adults and we'll see if the same "HE DONT DO NOTHIGN WRONG!! JUST ROB PEOPLE!!" sob story comes out of that one also.

Like I said, it's sad for anyone to lose a family member but some obvious lack of accountability is shown here and the statement itself is so ridiculous: "DONT DO NOTHNIG BAD!! JUST ROBBED SOMEONE!!"

It is what it is.

I'm sure I could find other examples online but you get the point by now.

It's simply nothing more than to expose this type of backwards thinking you get among people in plenty of countries quite frankly.

The US has no shortage of similar idiots to be fair.

Anyway, that's all I got to say.

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