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The 2022 Lunar Eclipse Over Mexico City

Published May 16, 2022 in Uncategorized - 1 Comment

The last time I enjoyed a astronomical event in Latin America, it was when I was in Buenos Aires sometime between August and December 2015.

Though I don't remember well what the event was, I think it might've been a lunar eclipse also.

Or, at the very least, my vague memory remembers the moon turning red or some different color.

Could've been a lunar eclipse but I don't remember very well (it was something!).

Unfortunately, I don't have the photo I took of it back then.

I know I uploaded it to Facebook but, for some reason, it's not on there anymore.

Anyway, I guess that'll have to be saved in the memory box.

But, thankfully for me, another astronomical event happened tonight on May 15, 2022.

As you can see in the photo used for this article way above, there was a Lunar Eclipse that those in the Americas got to enjoy.

Quite frankly, I almost forgot about it until people started posting about it on Facebook.

So, taking my phone with me, I went outside to check it out.

At first, it wasn't very impressive.

I checked at around 9 PM more or less and it was 2/3rds white and the other 1/3 didn't look very red to me.

Despite that, people on Mexico City expat groups were saying "CHECK OUT THE MOON! SO AMAZING!"

Eh, didn't look amazing nor very different from how it normally looked.

I went back inside.

Then, half an hour later, some professional Mexican photography group uploaded a pic of it looking pretty damn cool onto Facebook.

Went back outside and, obviously due to the lack of special effects, didn't look as cool as the photo I saw on Facebook but I could finally see it getting a tiny bit red.

At that point, I decided to take it seriously.

At first, I had difficulty taking the photo because I live in "a barrio popular" and I had trouble getting all the street wires (hundreds of them!) and the abandoned looking buildings out of view from the moon.

Eventually, I turned off all of the outside house lights because, if I remember right, supposedly that helps you get a better picture at night of anything in the sky.

Then I took the photo taking more seriously.

Literally walking into the middle of the street later at around 10:30 PM past the front gate of my house to take some pictures (and hoping no two thugs on a motorcycle come riding down to rub me with a gun like you can see here).

Thankfully, no such incident happened!

Then I went back inside the house because I knew an old neighbor had moved out of the house and the door to his room was unlocked.

A room that I knew would offer a slightly better view with no issues of street wires and barrio looking housing getting in the way.

So, in the end, I took as many pictures as I could until my phone was 4%.

Based on all of the photos, this is the best one I could take with my phone.

Definitely not the highest quality.

Not going to win me any awards at National Geographic or whatever company that would take professional photos.

But it's good enough!

Nothing more to say than to document better this lunar experience than how I documented the one in Buenos Aires years ago.

And to wish my loyal 9 readers out there a "buenas noches" from Mexico City.

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Thanks for reading.

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Patrick - May 16, 2022 Reply

It looked good from my city!

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