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The Sexiest Weather Girls in Peru

Published May 1, 2022 in Chicas del Clima , Peru - 0 Comments

Do you have an eye for the sexiest weather women of Peru?

You aren't alone!

Ever since the days of Francisco Pizarro, countless foreign men have had their eyes on sexy Latina women.

In their days arriving to Peru to destroy Latina pussy just like Pizarro did, they realize something...

That realization being that EVERYONE is sexy in Peru.

Even the 90 year old grandmas!

OK, maybe not the grandmas and maybe not everyone...

But they might turn on the TV nonetheless and see sexier weather girls than the weather girls they had back home.

A nice surprise to their arrival to this amazing country.

It's an observation plenty of gringos make about life in Latin America.

Of course, if the weather gal is dressed like a porn star, it might make sense why you'd change the channel when your wife walks in!

Though who can blame men for all of a sudden being interested in the weather in Peru or any Latin American country for that matter? 

So who are the sexiest weather girls in Peru?

La Chica de TV Sur Peru

Honestly, I have no idea what her name is.

While Peru does seem to have some sexy woman doing weather reports, it's nothing like what you see in places like Mexico, Argentina or Brazil.

Or at least that was my impression doing 15 minutes of research.

Anyway, we have this video here of this chick from TV Sur Peru who seems quite cute looking.

When looking up "sexiest Peruvian women doing the weather," she seems to come up a lot which is why I bring this chick up even though I couldn't find a name.

Maria Fernanda Montenegro

Leslie Bejarano

A Comedy

Outside of the chicks above, I couldn't find anything else for Peru oddly enough. 

Though I did find this comedy bit of a cute gal doing the weather for Peru (it's not a serious weather report but it still gives you an idea of what some of these stereotypical Latin American weather reports can look like).

You won't be able to see it on my blog directly because Youtube is a retard dick faggot but you can check it out by clicking here (and assuming you log in with a Youtube account that says you are over 18 years old).

If that video ever gets deleted, the original title of it was "El Noticioso La Primera Chica del Tiempo Genesis Tapia YouTube."

There's also another video from the same series that you can find here.

For those who wish to look for more videos on Youtube, the series seems to be called "El Noticioso La Chica del Tiempo."

And that's that!

Final Thoughts

And that's it for now!

For some Latin American countries, I could easily find sexy weather girls and for other ones it was harder to find.

For Peru, you'll have more luck searching "pronostico del tiempo" than "chica del tiempo."

If you got anything to add (such as which weather women in Latin America you like), then drop a comment below in the comment section.

And follow my Twitter here.

Thanks for reading.

Best regards,


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