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The Sexiest Weather Girls in Mexico

Published May 1, 2022 in Chicas del Clima , Mexico - 0 Comments

Interested in looking at the sexiest weather girls in Mexico?

Among all of the Latin American countries where the topic of sexy weather women gets brought up, my time looking into the topic suggests that Mexico is quite a popular country when it comes to sexy weather girls in Latin America.

Quite a few examples from this country!

So what better place than Mexico to dive into the issue?

After all, plenty of gringo expats will eventually notice how the weather women down here in Mexico or anywhere in Latin America tend to be sexier than those back home like you can see here.

And, as we will see, Yaneth is one of the more famous examples of a weather woman from Mexico (among others). 

So let's cover some examples for you all to enjoy.

Yanet Garcia

Without question, Yanet Garcia is likely the most famous example of a "chica del clima" that you will ever find.

Google "chicas del clima" and you'll find endless articles in Spanish listing the sexiest ones out there.

And almost every single one will list her as the number one gal that everyone thinks of.

You got plenty of videos online too of her in bikinis. 

By far the gal that most people consider the sexiest Latin American weather gal out there.

Mayte Carranco

Samantha Robles

Lluvia Carrillo 

"Lluvia," huh?

I'd trust her to tell me if there is going to be any lluvia tonight!

Angie Gonzalez 

Susy Almeida

Angela del Rio

Gaby Lozoya

Pamela Longoria

Fernanda Santos 

Marilu Kaufman

Erika Honstein

Fannia Yadehi Lozano 

Vania Manzano 

Arlett Fernandez

Marcela Mistral

Zelenny Ibarra

Vaitaire Mateos

Appreciate this one.

Her last name is the plural Spanish version of my first name.

Matt represent!

Alejandra Medina 

Carolina Ocampo

Cecy Salamanca  

Diana Alvarado

Naile Lopez

Emily Quiñones

Diana Sánchez

Mabel Salinas

Marisol Dovala

Alejandra Delgadillo

Maricruz Piñón

Deyanira Mendoza

Final Thoughts

And that's it for now!

For some Latin American countries, I could easily find sexy weather girls and for other ones it was harder to find.

If you got anything to add (such as which weather women in Latin America you like), then drop a comment below in the comment section.

And follow my Twitter here.

Thanks for reading.

Best regards,


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