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The Sexiest Weather Girls in Cuba

Published May 1, 2022 in Chicas del Clima , Cuba - 0 Comments

Want to kill 30 minutes looking at sexy weather girls in Cuba?

Compared to life back home, it's not unusual for gringos to notice how sexier the weather women are down here in Latin America than back in the US or whatever country you are from.

Such as what you'd see in this meme here.

Now, to be fair, Cuba isn't the most exciting country in Latin America when it comes to hot weather women.

In fact, I'd say most of the weather gals I found were just average looking with one nicer looking one.

....Perhaps the communism killed their hot weather gal industry too.

Well, like with other countries such as Paraguay or Nicaragua that also don't have too many examples of hot weather gals, I did the best I could for you all!

So let's get to some examples of what I can find online.

Beginning with the Best

This gal here -- whose name I couldn't find -- seems to be the best one I could find in Cuba.

Let's move on.

The Second Best Cuban Gal

Next, we have this gal.

You can see her name in the video.

She seems to be quite popular if you just search in Youtube the following: pronostico del tiempo en cuba.

Final Thoughts

And that's it for now!

For some Latin American countries, I could easily find sexy weather girls and for other ones it was harder to find.

If you got anything to add (such as which weather women in Latin America you like), then drop a comment below in the comment section.

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Thanks for reading.

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