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Are Female Only Apartments in Latin America Sexist?

Published January 23, 2022 in Mexico , Personal Stories & Opinions - 0 Comments

It’s your first night in Mexico City.

Sitting in a hotel late at night after having left the airport, you begin looking for an apartment to move into quickly.

As you run through the options on Facebook apartment groups, you continually find bad and good options.

The bad options look like places where you’d hold someone hostage for money.

Some gangbanger paradise with broken windows, cockroaches and probably gunfights happening outside every night.

And the good places have GREAT prices for what they offer.

Very modern looking apartments in great locations.

Immediately, you grab your phone to type the number down.

*ring ring ring ring*

“Buenoooo?” you hear the voice on the other end say.

“Hola, me interesa su departamento” you tell them.

And, after hearing your masculine voice, the landlord screams into the phone.


Right away you hear severe autistic screaming through the phone and breaking your eardrums.


Then she slams the phone hanging up on you.

It’s pouring heavily outside.

And you, with limited Spanish as a new gringo to Latin America, scratch your head as you aren’t sure what just happened.

Shrugging your shoulders, you move forward with the other options.

But, strangely enough, you get a similar reception each time.

Left with only the bad options that look like ideal places to be a heroin addict.

Such is the life for a man in Mexico City.

The Issue: Female Only Apartments?

In all seriousness, a less extreme version might actually happen to you as you look for apartments in Mexico City.

In other areas of Latin America too?

Well, I never had the issue elsewhere but I wouldn’t be surprised if they happen elsewhere also.

The issue being that, as you look for apartments, you’ll notice certain options that look REALLY NICE to be “women only.”

And when I say “really nice,” I mostly just mean that the price in question is noticeably low for what they offer.

A great deal all around.

And so obviously, as you run through the options that you can find online, it probably will annoy you a little bit when you notice a good option not being available because of your gender.

Here is one such example (among many) that I just quickly found online a second ago.

I could go all day and post countless examples.

Now, to be fair, does the reverse ever happen?

Male only spaces?

Honestly, you don’t see anywhere near as many of them around.

But, in my brief experience noticing them online, it’s not uncommon for those spaces to be for gay people only.

So, unless you’re looking to put on a wig and a dress to identify as a woman or pretend to be interested in sucking cock, I’m afraid neither option will be available to you.

I have though lived in a “male only apartment” back when I lived by Cuatro Caminos but it wasn’t “gay only” as other roommates were not gay.

So, once in a blue moon, you might find a male only apartment that doesn’t have the requirement of “wanting to fuck a dude’s ass.”

In doing some quick research, here’s an example of a “men only” apartment.

Though, being honest, I’ve never noticed any women getting bitchy about “men only apartments.”

But I have seen the occasional few ask if they would be accepted as women because they’re women.

“Hey, I suck cock too! Wouldn’t I fit in?”

The funny thing here being also that these same women don’t realize that there are gay men out there who don’t like women. Just because you are part of the “People Who Like Cock Alliance (PCA)” doesn’t mean said gay dude is going to feel comfortable with you living there.

But, in all fairness, no anger from their end usually about the fewer “male only” options.

It really is an issue that mostly some men get annoyed about when they see a “female only space” as they argue that it is sexist and use it as an example of how “feminists don’t really want equality.”

At any rate, what is there to say about it all?

Let’s break down my thoughts on the matter before wrapping this up.

Sexist Pig Feminists?

So let’s first address the last argument proposed a second ago.

Are feminists hypocrites when they advocate for gender equality but yet either are OK with “female only” apartments or even own some of their own?

Technically, you could argue it is sexist.

We’ll get into the “why” some folks think it is necessary for these spaces to exist to understand if there is any logic behind it but, logically speaking, you can argue pretty obviously that it is technically sexist.

After all, you are discriminating based on sex.

Take this screenshot I found of someone arguing in favor of it.

The idea being that “well, because you got some bad apples among men, then all men must be discriminated against with these female only spaces.”

That is technically sexist!

You are discriminating against an entire group of people based on gender.

Now, having said that, let’s look at some more arguments.

Women With No Dad?

This is the next argument you might hear about women who don’t want to live in apartments with other men.

That they’re basically just feminazis who hate men.

Probably never had a dad that loved them.

Maybe they got their heart broken by being fucked by dudes on hookups who they eventually had feelings for but could never get to settle down.

Or perhaps they had a boyfriend and he cheated on her.

Consequently, said women have began hating men since for at least 1,000 years and now direct their hatred of the opposite sex towards all men because of their bad experience with the specific types of guys above.

Honestly, there is some smoke behind the fire for this one.

In my years living in Mexico City since 2017, I’ve noticed greater tensions and hate towards men these days than before by the so called “feminazis.”

The hate is definitely much stronger these days than before in my opinion.

On top of that, I believe some women don’t necessarily “hate men” but basically act like they do because they want to be trendy.

Maybe she’s one of those Mexican women who can’t really think for herself and basically just follows what is trendy.

You see people like that in every country like chicks in the US who express interest in BLM but don’t actually give a fuck about black people like you can see here.

I’m positive some women who are “feminists” and who say shit that comes across as “man hating” are doing all of that just because they want to feel like they belong to something greater than themselves.

Perhaps get some nice photos for Instagram.

Superficial shit really.

All of this is really similar anyhow to men painting all women as money-hungry, divorce-raping cunts who’ll take half your shit and the kids because of statistics about 70% of them starting divorce and whatever else with stories like this. 

Maybe be extra worried about any woman falsely accusing them of rape because a few have here.

Or be very concerned about anything else that women are capable of doing – cheating, trying to get you to take care of a kid that isn’t yours, etc.

Regardless, plenty of men are guilty of rape and wife beating and plenty of women are guilty of divorce rape or paternity fraud.

And while I think it’s normal within reason for any person to be cautious to not let any of the above happen to them, I also think that you have people of both genders who are just very bitter and jaded people who don’t realize that not everyone of the other gender does any of the above.

So, as we go back to the topic, I do think that it’s true that some of the women who rent to “women only” fit the description above probably and just want to label all men as being bad like the chick in the screenshot way above.

Still, while this type of woman does exist, not every chick is and some do have more legitimate concerns.

Uncomfortable Based on Past Experiences

But, to be fair, you also got A LOT of women who have simply had more traumatic moments with some specific dude that involved rape, sexual assault, getting their ass kicked, etc.

Maybe a chick who remembers the day she was 7 and some older dude made some sexual remark or gesture towards her.

Perhaps an ex-boyfriend who raped her.

Among any other moment that could’ve been really fucked up and make her uncomfortable to live in the same space as men that she’s not familiar with.

Therefore, while some women are full of shit with their hatred of men based on dumb reasons, I can at least understand where some are coming from.

Obviously, just because some dude raped you or beat you up doesn’t mean that your anger against all men is logical.

But, because a specific woman might’ve had a really bad experience(s), I can at least understand why she specifically doesn’t feel comfortable living with other men.

It’s really more about the emotions and what she is comfortable with than what is logical as we all know that, just because her last boyfriend beat her up, doesn’t mean that future male roommates that she might have will kick her ass or do whatever.

Because, at the end of the day, you just don’t know right away who these male roommates will be and men are typically stronger than women.

Some men out there can be some real creepy motherfuckers and, if you’re a chick who isn’t very physically strong, would you want to take the risk of living in the same space as a dude you don’t know who could do some creepy shit?

I know of one chick personally for example who, after posting some comment in a Facebook rental group, she had some dude message her offering his place.

Soon after, he sends some long ass comment that she shared screenshots here.

Basically, the dude wants a threesome or some shit.

And then he sends her a video that she sent me to see where the dude is basically on his bed (assumingly naked) where he doesn’t show his dick but bites his tongue and makes odd moaning noises with a face that looks like he’s taking it up the ass or something.

Very gay looking.

You know, as a side point, I got to give it to the Mexicans for this one.

Never considered the “act gay” pick up move as a way to get women and, while it didn’t work for him, it might be successful somewhere out there.

Who knows – maybe Mexican women like dudes who act like they’re taking it up the ass?

Different culture and all that, you know?

Anyway, if simply posting a comment asking for a place to live gets that type of response in less than 24 hours, I can see why some women might be hesitant to live with random dudes they don’t know.

Maybe they’d feel safe if there was another woman living in the apartment but you don’t know for sure if she’ll be there long term.

Anyway, with all that said, I can see why plenty of women wouldn’t FEEL comfortable living with random dudes but we can all agree that LOGICALLY most dudes aren’t rapist or some shit.

I think that’s a good way to put it.

The Legal Right to Discriminate?

Next, we have opposing points of view regarding if it’s legal for women to discriminate based on sex and not let specific people rent in their space.

You have this argument in favor of it saying that they are the landlord so they can rent to who they like with the second screenshot mentioning how not every chick offering a place is actually a landlord but could just be sub-renting and doesn’t technically have the right to discriminate (and probably isn’t paying taxes on her sub-renting scheme I would add).

And you have other arguments like this one arguing that it isn't legal discrimination. 

Who is right?

Honestly, I have no idea.

If I had to guess, it’s probably not legal to discriminate based on sex because you are still denying a service to someone based on their sex alone.

But, having said that, what is technically illegal is not always enforced against and I honestly do not see the Mexico City government ever taking action against this.

Therefore, it’s a mute point to discuss the legality.

Do Men Break Shit?

Next, you have the argument here regarding men breaking shit more often, breaking rules, being dirtier, making more noise, etc.


Shit, I don’t know.

I’ve lived in apartments with both men and women and never noticed either gender being worse at breaking shit or being dirtier.

Noisier? I’d argue men are noisier.

Outside of the occasional chick screaming her head off during sex to make her man cum faster, men make more noise when you consider the parties we hold.

I have a friend of mine named Blayde who got kicked out of his apartment in Condesa over a year ago because he held a party of over 50 people.

Back when I lived by Roma Norte, the rooftop parties we held were often held by men with always a few women attending but it was always men making more noise and having more fun.

When it comes to breaking shit or being dirty though, I’ve never noticed issue with either from men or women.

Press F for the Local Man

Next, we have this here.

The basic argument being that the renting situation in Mexico City is tough with rents rising so quickly.

And the guy is saying that the rent situation isn’t just because of women only renting to other women and it’s not their fault basically.

Either way, it’s an argument that some men will bring forward where they’ll basically say that “women only spaces” make the renting situation worse for men than what it already is.

Personally, I can’t relate to this argument.

Even though it can be slightly annoying to discover a place that looks like a great deal and then find out a second later that it’s only for women, it doesn’t bother me for longer than a second because there’s always so many rental units out there to choose from.

Are prices higher than before?

In some neighborhoods like Roma Norte or Condesa, they are.

But, being honest, my rent that I pay now isn’t any higher than what I paid over 4 years ago.

And, when I look at other neighborhoods, I don’t notice rent to be much higher really.

Even when I look at Roma Norte, rental prices aren’t THAT much higher than before.

But this is probably where my “USD holding gringo advantage” comes into play.

Perhaps I don’t notice that extra 50 dollar (1000 MXN) increase because over the last 4 years for a certain place because it is ONLY 50 dollars.

To a local Mexican who HAS to live on a budget of 5,000 pesos, that extra 1,000 MXN pesos increase means something.

To me, it doesn’t.

While I’m definitely not the richest gringo in Mexico City and arguably one of the poorer ones you’d meet, I personally don’t feel any financial sting these days.

The renting situation and the higher prices isn’t a concern to me.

So, while I think it’s fair not to blame women only spaces for this issue, I can see how some men with more limited budgets might find them annoying given the financial sting they are feeling that I don’t.

Final Verdict: Sexist?

So are these “women only spaces” or even “male only spaces” sexist?

Technically, I’d say both are sexist if you simply look at the definition of sexism and realize that they are discriminating based on sex alone.

There are plenty of men out there who are clean, don’t break windows like Keith Moon and who don’t go around raping women.

Having said that, I think you’d have to be socially retarded to not realize how some women would be uncomfortable living in a space with men that they don’t know (especially if they’ve had really bad experiences beyond a loveless father).

Of course, some women who rent out to women only are men hating and have bullshit reasons behind their men hating.

But there are women out there who have had traumatic experiences and, like you saw in the screenshots above of that one dude, you could simply be asking for a rental option and get random ass dudes messaging you their aspiring gay porn.

So, like I said, I can understand why they have their women only spaces and it doesn’t bother me personally because you got so many rental units out there and the slightly higher prices in some neighborhoods doesn’t impact my budget.

Granted, I don’t even live in those neighborhoods and so my rent hasn’t changed at all actually.

So back to the final question.


Yes but I understand why they’re being sexist and I personally don’t care.

It's such a small issue because you simply have so many places where you can rent from and also, as a gringo with USD, it doesn't really limit my options personally.

On top of that, I wouldn’t want to live in a space that consists of mostly women because they tend to be more judgemental than spaces with mostly men when you are trying to bring in various dates back to your room.

While a few local men have that incel “leave mah women alone” attitude, most Mexican men who are like that wouldn’t have the balls to say anything to you about it.

Women though? While I’ve never had issues with it, I’ve heard from other guys I know of who had roommate women being real cunts when they learn you like to play around with different chicks from Tinder.

Mostly they take some weird issue with you turning the apartment into a motel. I can't imagine why that'd be a problem. It's not like we're fucking in their bedroom.

So, for that reason also, I don’t really care if the “women only spaces” don’t want me. I don’t want them either. We probably would have issues.

Anyway, that’s all I got to say.

Drop a comment below.

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Thanks for reading.

Best regards,


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