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The Latina Ability to Change Her Skin Color Before a Date

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If you were to use dating or sex apps in a typical city in Latin America, you might come under the impression that Latinas are whiter than you were led to believe.

For example, over a year ago, there was a Mexican chick that I met on a BDSM website called Fetlife.

For those who don’t know, Fetlife is a website for those who are literally just looking to fuck or maybe satisfy some weird BDSM related fetish.

Though, in my experience, most are just looking to fuck.

As you can imagine, it’s largely a sausage fest with not that many women compared to the amount of men and half of the women are fat as fuck.

It’s not the best tool to find someone to fuck but it’s low effort also.

Every few months, I get a message from someone who has seen my profile.

If I like her profile, we meet and fuck.

Just like that chick I mentioned before.

So how did that day go?

Well, you can read more about our experience here.

But there’s a certain detail that I left out in that article that isn’t too important but some folks interested in dating Latinas might care about.

That detail being that she looked a tiny bit different from her photos.

Now, when I say that, we all think I’m talking about her weight, no?

Latinas, like women of any race or ethnicity, are not beneath lying about their weight.

However, it wasn’t her weight that she was misleading on with the photos.

Before she came to meet me, we did exchange actual photos of each other since most people prefer not to post their actual faces on that BDSM website for obvious reasons.

In the photos she sent me, she looked noticeably white.

While White Mexicans do exist, I genuinely thought she looked whiter than most Mexicans I ever met.

With skin as white as mine and even blondish looking hair!

Now, personally, I actually prefer to fuck light brown looking chicks because I find it more hot to fuck someone of a different race.

But I’ll fuck any chick assuming she isn’t fat and doesn’t have a deformed face.

Shit, with enough vodka, maybe someone with a deformed face could work. Paper bags with a hole cut in for the mouth? A blowjob awaits you.

Still, as long as I find her attractive, she doesn’t have to be of any specific race.

And so, when it came time to meet up, she travelled far away from me.

Going all the way from Metro Pantitlan area to Metro CU area of Mexico City.

Quite the distance!

And when she showed up to Metro CU, she texted me ahead of time.

I walked over.

And I was standing there next to some chick selling artisan crafts on the floor waiting for her.

When she finally arrived, she took her mask off as she exited the metro.

And I could clearly see that she looked noticeably different than her photos.

Her weight was the same.

Looked attractive.

But she wasn’t anywhere near as white as I thought she was.

No blonde hair.

And the skin was not as white as mine.

Nowhere close if we’re being honest.

How did I feel in the moment seeing the contrast?

I didn’t give a shit.

Enough time in Latin America has made me realize this is all too normal.

What normal am I talking about?

The Not So White Latinas

I imagine it’s a tough life for the single man who likes white Latinas.

A tough life consisting of being always bamboozled by Latinas on dating apps claiming to be white with edited photos.

Only to be disappointed 9 times out of 10 in which the Latina in question looks more like Melinche than Shakira.

For me, it’s not so much an issue as I said.

I tend to prefer chicks who are not white anyhow so it actually usually proves to be a bonus when I find out they aren’t as white as the photos show.

But, even if they were as white looking as a stereotypical Norwegian gal, it wouldn’t matter.

A hole is a hole.

I like to fuck holes, I do!

It’s a pastime that comes between taking a massive shit after waking up and emptying out the 4th bottle of brandy of the week.

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Occasionally Saturday as well.

Not Sunday though – that’s a day for rest!

Still, in all seriousness, it truly didn’t surprise me nor was it that noticeable to me that she wasn’t as white as the photos showed.

Because I’m used to it!

That’s one thing that is true about a lot of Latinas.

A lot of them like to lie about their skin color.

Provide photos in Tinder, Whatsapp, Fetlife and anywhere else showing them to be whiter than they really are.

The ones who do this, in my experience anyway, tend to be noticeably a little bit darker in skin color but not always.

Why do they do this?

Well, I’m not Latina so it’s tough for me to say.

I always imagined it came with an insecurity complex about not being very white looking.

Truth be told, plenty of Latinos associate having whiter looking skin with a positive connotation.

Such as the perception that it looks more attractive.

Of course, not every Latino thinks this way.

And, as the years go by, I do think there’s more pride being had among folks who aren’t so white in Latina America.

Especially as more representation of indigenous folks makes the news like the symbolism of Evo Morales being the President of Bolivia way back in the 2000s.

Still, despite the winds possibly changing a tiny bit, this behavior among Latinas is still quite common.

The behavior of lying to men about how white they really are.

And, being honest, I could go all day throwing out more examples of this happening to me.

But they’d all sound the same.

Matt matched with a Latina chick on Tinder.

Her photos showed she was white.

An actual date confirmed that was a lie.

At any rate, there isn’t anything more to say.

It's a topic that has come to mind recently when I went on a date two days ago and the chick also looked noticeably different from her photos. 

It’s a simple topic that those who haven’t been to Latin America before might not be aware of.

If you have anything to add, drop a comment below in the comment section.

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Thanks for reading.

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