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Enjoying the Pan de Muerto on Dia de Muertos in CDMX

Published November 3, 2021 in Mexico - 0 Comments

In my first year in Mexico City, I went to the nearby Starbucks that happened to be located on Reforma Avenue in front of the Angel of Independence Statue.

It was a Starbucks that I went to often to enjoy some black iced tea.

The folks working there knew me well.

I was famous for my love of black tea, I suppose you can say.

At any rate, I remember trying something special one day.

It was called “Pan de Muerto.”

Or “bread of the dead?”

Basically, you’ll notice how Mexico enjoys celebrating the dead!

Really a loser society, huh?

Who celebrates the dead?

They dead!

Like Donald Trump, I like my people to be alive. Not captured. Not dead.


Anyway, at around November 1st to November 2nd, I remember trying their “pan de muerto” at this Starbucks for the first time ever with a Mexican gal named Angie.

Was it memorable?

Not really.

It tasted fine.

But it wasn’t something so amazing that I’d try again just because.

Still, it’s that time of year again for those who have noticed the publication date on this article.

November 2nd of 2021.

It’s time for some “bread of the dead.”

Though I wouldn’t eat it normally given that it tasted OK to me the last time and how I don’t like to eat stuff that is overly sweet…

Well, for purposes of this blog, I decided to give it another taste test!

Is it worth eating on such an important day?

We’ll find out!

So I went to a nearby restaurant that wasn’t as Americanized as Starbucks.

In this case, I went to one of my favorite restaurants in Mexico City.

Casa de Toño.

Perfect for those who want a tasty meal without spending too much money.

They are one of the best restaurants in Mexico City that combines “cheap pricing” with “good taste” that I have come across in the last 4 and a half years here.

It’s not a Michelin Star restaurant but it definitely is an decent place for a meal.

So I went there today for some lunch and brought home some of their “Pan de Muerto.”

Was it worth buying this time?

Let’s get to it!

My Dia de Muertos Lunch

So, as you can see here, I got some flautas first before I had the Pan de Muerto.

Literally some of the best flautas I have ever found in Mexico City over my 4 and a half years here.

Without any doubt.

Great portion sizes, tasty and some of the cheaper flautas I have seen too.

Preferable with red sauce.

After I finished these, I then turned to the Pan de Muerto as you can see here.

Doesn’t look very big, does it?

Only costed like 27 cents or something like that at the same restaurant.

Was it worth it?


It tasted good.

I’m not one to really enjoy “sugary” things too much.

As I wrote here when I tried the Chile en Nogada for Mexico’s Independence day, I found it to be equally tasty but a little bit too sweet for me.

Was the Pan de Muerto too sweet?

Well, it was sweet but the portion size wasn’t too big so it was tolerable.

All around, I enjoyed it.

I wouldn’t order it regularly though given I prefer not to consume anything too sweet usually.

But, on a day like today, I’d eat it again just for the occasion.

And the price is quite cheap!

Only like a dollar and a half for it.

So you really can’t complain about the price.

While I was eating it, the dog of the house as you can see here was standing by my side trying to hide from the owner.

Apparently it was bath time for him and he hasn’t taken a shower in 3 months.

Anyway, that’s all I got to say.

This isn’t an overly complicated article.

Was it tasty? Yes.

Would I eat it again? Only on this holiday if I happen to be in Mexico.

Do I recommend it to others? Sure.

Anyway, here’s a few videos for you all to be more informative on the Pan de Muerto.

One on how to actually make this at home and another video talking about the history of the food. 

If you have any comments, drop them below in the comment section.

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Thanks for reading.

Best regards,


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