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My Eyes Are Burning in Lindavista!

Published October 12, 2021 in Mexico , Personal Stories & Opinions - 0 Comments

Over the last month of living in Lindavista, I’ve had something weird happen to me that I can’t explain.

Something that has never happened ever in my life before

OK, it’ s not as dramatic as that all sounds but it has been something that hasn’t happened to me before that I don’t get.

What do I mean?

Let me tell you what happened today.

So I walked out of my apartment today around the afternoon time.

Before leaving, I had some leftover BBQ chicken pizza for lunch.

Then gave the dog of the apartment plenty of pets because the little guy is LITERALLY always outside of my apartment door just napping.

Waiting for me!

He obviously knows that I’m a more caring human than his owner.

Just saying…

Anyway, before walking out of the apartment building, I gave that little guy some extra pets.

Locking the door, I could hear him barking as he always does every single time I leave the apartment.

Worried I won’t  come back?

Then, when I do come back, the little guy gets so excited that he slams the door shut and jumps all over me every single time.

But we’re not there yet!

As I said, I just shut the door behind me with him barking as I get ready to get some errands done.

The first one being that I needed to find a local pharmacy to inject me with TRT as it’s been something I’ve been on over some time now.

As I began walking, I reach Montevideo street of Mexico City soon enough in which I can feel it .

Feel what?

The sensation begins….

A burning sensation.

In which one of my eyes is having this start of a burning sensation.

I could feel the beginning of it quickly enough.

And, for some reason, I decided to close that eye quickly enough?

Just shut it.

But it didn’t stop the burning that would happen soon enough.

Over the next 10 minutes, that specific eye was all watered up and had a weird slight burning sensation to it.

And I genuinely have no idea why it happens.

But it’s not the first time it’s happened in this part of Mexico City…

Let’s go back to when it first happened.

Walking to Casa de Toño

In my first week in Lindavista, I was walking during the afternoon to a popular shopping mall in the area.

This shopping mall has one of my favorite restaurants in Mexico known as Casa de Toño.

It has a good mix of decent customer service, tasty food and low prices.

Decent customer service?

In Mexico?

I know, I know…

An oxymoron!

But, believe me, they have it!

Anyway, I am across the street of where the shopping mall is now.

And there’s a guy standing next to me selling churros.

I was thinking of buying them actually but the dude was just standing there looking at his phone without yelling out what the price of his churros is.

These street vendors usually yell out the price of their product to people passing by but I never buy from them until they do because I don’t want to open up asking the price in my gringo accent.

Just because I’m more sensitive to the idea of some local treating my differently because of the associations they make with my skin color and foreign accent.

So I prefer never buying anything from someone most of the time unless the price is already clear before I approach.

Maybe they yell it out or have it written down somewhere?

Anyway, I was standing there thinking about buying his churros when it hits.

That burning sensation?

The first time was the worse.

The light goes green for people to cross the street but I’m not walking.

With my hand covering one of my eyes as I mumble in English to myself “what the fuck?”

And when I would try opening my eye, the burning sensation got slightly worse.

Implying some exposure to the air was not good for it.

Initially, I wondered what it could be and wondered if maybe some form of pollution hit my eye?

Like maybe something that flew out of a passing vehicle hit my eye?

I have no idea.

All I know is that my eye burns!

And, like in the example at the beginning of this article, it was only one specific eye that was reacting badly to whatever it was.

Anyway, my eye got all watery for maybe 2 to 3 minutes after the burning ended?

It felt like it lasted a lot more but I have no idea.

Probably 2 to 3 minutes in total.

Final Thoughts

Between those two events above, there was one other moment where my eye randomly started burning.

It was when I was walking towards that shopping mall but I was still about 5 minutes away from that street where it happened for the first time.

Where I had to stop for a second and cover the eye that was burning at the end of some sidewalk.

With some street vendor selling underwear looking at me weirdly like “is the gringo OK? Ayyyy, gringos locos.”

Then, like the two examples brought up above, the eye burning ended quickly enough with the watery eyes starting.

One thing I’ve noticed?

That the eye burning is less extreme each time it happens.

The last time it happened, as detailed in the beginning, was a lot less strong than the first time it happened.

Another thing?

It always seems to be the same eye that burns each time.

I have no idea why.


This seems to be a Lindavista thing.

That’s a guess of mine.

But I’ve never had this issue anywhere else in Mexico City over my 4 years and some odd months living down here.

There’s a part of me that thinks that there’s something in Lindavista area that is fucking with my eye.

And I have thought of maybe wearing glasses?

I do have glasses at home but I rarely wear them because they’re only needed for long distance.

But would those help prevent this from happening to my eyes?

In one month of living up here in Lindavista, it’s happened 3 times.

So maybe glasses would help?

I actually doubt it but whatever.

Can’t hurt to try, right?

Who knows.

Anyway, as I said, the burning is less intense each time.

So hopefully it’ll stop.

But that’s all I got to say about a small detail to life down here for me but quite an annoying detail nonetheless.

If you got anything to say, drop a comment below in the comment section.

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Thanks for reading.

Best regards,


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