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Understanding the Mayan Gods from the Argentine Hipster

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At around 2 PM today, I got back to my apartment from a gym in a neighborhood called Santo Domingo de Pedregal.

It happens to be one metro station south from me as I live by Metro Copilco area right now.

And so when I got back to my apartment, I was very tired and ready to take a nap.

However, I had a meeting set up today with some Argentine chick I met on Fetlife.

For those who don’t know, Fetlife is basically a site where you find people to hookup with and sometimes the sex involves some element of BDSM.

Though, in my experience, it often just involves hooking up and nothing more.

There aren’t that many women who use it though in Mexico.

In my experience, it’s best to just leave your profile well made and let people message you every so often.

And that’s what happened recently when I got a message from some Argentine chick who happens to live in Mexico City (CDMX).

If I remember right, she was in her early 30s.

I have no idea what her name was because I never asked and her Fetlife account had some other name to it.

However, I do know she likes being tied up.

So let’s call her Bondage Girl.

Anyway, Bondage Girl was a very petite white chick with brown hair and whose height was roughly mine at 5’9.

As with just about any woman you meet on Fetlife, the plan is pretty straight forward and clear from the start: come to my place and let’s fuck.

However, once in a blue moon, you might get a chick who prefers talking with you at a park first before any fucking happens.

So today we didn’t fuck but met up at Hundido Park.

So, despite being very tired from the gym today, I decided not to cancel the time with her and forced myself out of the apartment.

Even though my whole body is tired.

Once I got to Metrobus station Hundido, I stood there for maybe 10 minutes hoping she’d show up.

Especially given that she is Argentine, I was expecting her to show up on time.

In my experience, Argentine women tend to show up on time better than most Latinas.

Anyway, she never was at the Metrobus station like I told her to meet me at.

It’s moments like these when a Latina is late that reminds me why I usually opt for having the chick come to my neighborhood instead.

That and also it makes it logistically easier to set the date up for fucking.

But, in this case, I went against that because she’s from Fetlife which is basically guaranteed fucking anyhow and also I’ve been forcing myself to get out of the house more.

Something I’ve been working on among other goals of mine that I laid out here.

Anyway, I found her a few minutes later sitting at a park bench by herself in front of Hundido Park.

From the distance by the Metrobus station, I saw some white chick who kinda looked like the woman I was expecting.

So I crossed the street and approached where I saw Bondage Chick.

However, given I never saw her before in real life, I wasn’t quite sure if this was the one.

But I asked her a question that would’ve been awkward had this chick not been the woman I was waiting for: “Are you from Argentina?”

I didn't ask "are you x person" because, as I said, I didn't know her name.

With any other woman who isn’t expecting me and isn’t from Argentina, I imagine being asked that question by a complete stranger would be weird.

Thankfully, this was Bondage Chick!

As I said, this was just a moment to get to know each other and no fucking happened.

Once I found her, we walked to some café real quick because she wanted to buy a quick sandwich as she hadn’t eaten all day.

From there, we walked back to Hundido Park.

The Hipster Who Hates Other Hipsters

As you know, we all have a type of woman we do best with and a type of woman we do the worst with.

Same thing if you’re a woman I imagine – some types of men work better for you than others.

When it comes to Bondage Chick, she couldn’t have been more of a raging stereotype of what a hipster woman is even if she tried.

And, being honest, I do absolutely terrible with “hipster chicks.”

We simply do not vibe well whatsoever.

They often come across as very narcissistic to me and have a weird obsession with always trying to sound smart when they usually come across as a bit of a cunt.

On top of that, even if sex happens, it’s never good.

On the flip side, the type of woman I like the most is either the stereotypical “barrio girl” or a nice, quiet woman who is down to earth, not entitled and who doesn’t talk much like me!

One is great for fucking. The other I see as better relationship material because we match better.

But hipster chicks? I don’t vibe well with them whatsoever.

Funny thing though was that this chick claimed to “hate hipsters.”

As we sat down on a park bench, we were doing a bunch of small talk about completely random things about Mexico City.

One of the topics being what neighborhoods do we like the most.

She apparently likes Escandon very much but hates Roma because “it's are full of hipsters.”

Which I found to be completely ironic because, as I said, she couldn’t have been more of a walking textbook definition of what a hipster woman looks or sounds likes.

She had that look in her appearance down to a T.

The two cafes we checked out were both seemingly pretty hipster to me.

She also began showing me her tattoos in which she had a full arm tattoo of some Hindu god and claimed she was Hindu herself.

Obsession with Indigenous Culture

She also had a tattoo of a “native girl” all across her leg.

Now, to be fair, her tattoos were pretty well done. I’ll give her that.

But I asked Bondage Chick “what’s the name of the native girl?”

Is she some famous native person like Malinche is famous?

“Oh, no name. It’s just a tattoo of a native girl” she said.

Which, though I didn’t say anything, I found weird.

Like why the fuck would you put a tattoo of some random person of another skin color onto your skin?

I didn’t get it.

I assume it’s because indigenous folks are socio-economically behind other groups in Mexico and Latin America.

Therefore, maybe it’s to show solidarity with them?

Still, I see the American equivalent of that being a tattoo of some random black person who nobody knows all across your arm.

“Yeah this my good friend Marcus. Whose Marcus? I don’t fucking know. He’s oppressed, OK?”

Then an actual black dude named Marcus walks out of nowhere hearing the conversation…

“I ain’t oppressed man! I work at a Wallstreet bank! I’m doing OK!” Marcus insists…

“No, no, you oppressed, Marcus! That’s why I got a tattoo of you even though I and nobody else knows you!” I reply.

“The fuck?” Marcus is bewildered.

Regardless, the conversation went on about all sorts of other things – like talking about Latino food in general, where in Argentina is she from, etc.

One of the topics also being about Mayan gods!

Or some type of Mexican indigenous god anyhow.

Mayan or Aztec or Olmec?

I don’t fucking know but let’s just assume Mayan.

At one point, in keeping up with the theme about native folks, she asked me if I knew about some random ass Mexican indigenous god.

When I heard her say the name, I thought she was maybe talking about some Pueblo Magico or some obscure beach that Mexico has.

Because she then asked in amazement “how do you not know about it after 4 years in Mexico?!”

And I just stared into the distance thinking to myself “well shit, I don’t know. I haven’t visited every part of Mexico.”

Then she breaks the news to me that she wasn’t talking about some touristy place but actually of some random ass indigenous god that some random group of native folks used to worship.

At that point, I’m thinking “why would I know that? Who gives a fuck about these made up gods?”

Like I’m not indigenous and I don’t have any interest in indigenous gods or really gods of any religion whatsoever.

I’m not religious at all.

To me, it’s like asking “how do you not know about VOLDEMORT?!?”

Well shit, I don’t know.

What other fictional character should I start caring about?

And, among other details, it just became very clear to me how insanely hipster this chick was.

Yet, in her words, she doesn’t like Roma or Condesa because “it has hipsters.”

Fair enough then…

To Meet Up Again?

Still, while she did seem a little bit immature and erratic, she wasn’t a bad person.

Genuinely did seem like a nice but very weird person.

Ultimately, I would maybe be down to actually hookup if we get around for a second meeting.

Mostly because our conversation turned onto the topic about sex and what turns each other one.

And, while nothing she likes is something that turns me on, it all did sound cool and different.

I’m always open to doing new shit if it sounds cool.

For her, she really is into being tied up in a way where she is suspended in the air, likes to have the rope to choke her a bit and be fucked while suspended in the air.

You know…

I never fucked a chick suspended in the air.

Would be alright.

I can cross it off my list of weird shit I’ve done.

Just have to make sure I use rubber for this one if we ever get down to it – not confident I want to take a risk on her.

And, with that said, I’m not that confident I actually want to meet up with her again.

She was nice but, as I said, I don’t vibe at all with “hipster” chicks and she did start to become slightly annoying near the end of the meeting.

Nice she was!

But a little bit annoying.

Anyway, we eventually went on our way after we finished talking about what we can do sexually the next time we meet.

She had to get to work since she worked from home and was worried about it beginning to rain.

Traffic Irregularities in CDMX

So after my brief lesson on the sexual benefits of suspending a bitch in the air while fucking her and who the different Mayan gods were…

I got onto the metrobus and headed home.

Along the way, I noticed some funny traffic irregularities that you see every so often in Latin America but is always funny again when you see them.

First, there was the classic “no no no no no no, NO I DON’T WANT YOU TO CLEAN MY FUCKING WINDSHIELD!”

In which you have poor folks working on the street walking up to cars waiting in front of the red light with their soap and cleaning materials.

Some skinny ass dude walked up to one car and the guy began waving aggressively “NO NO NO” and the skinny dude squirted anyway.

And you could see the irritation and disappointment ooze all over the man’s face.

“God fucking damn it” must’ve been his thought.

And the dude begins cleaning.

Now, to his credit, the dude took extra effort to clean it!

He took so much effort that the driver didn’t begin driving again while everyone else in the other lanes sped off when the light went green.

Did the skinny dude ever get his 5 pesos worth for the effort?

Who knows.

Makes me glad I don’t have a car down here in Mexico.

Next, there was some motorcycle that decided to begin driving on the sidewalk to get around the traffic.

Nothing major but would be very unusual to see if I had never spent any real time down here.

Finally, there was some weird ass kid behind me who was probably in his 20s who got on a phone call with his mom.

The dude literally said in Spanish something like “mom, why the FUCK haven’t you answered my calls yet?”

Now, he wasn’t angry sounding or anything.

That’s just how he speaks to his mom, I guess?

I mean, to be honest, sometimes I troll my mom but I don’t speak like that.

Then he went on about how he had to quit his job because of all his school work.

I looked behind me and see a young man rocking a suit with his phone.

Seems a bit fifi.

 Anyway, it was time for me to get off as the bus arrived on my stop along Insurgentes Sur Avenue.

A part of Mexico City, by the way, that I wrote more about here.

Being My Own Delivery Man

Now begins a 30 minute walk back to my house.

Before I turn a corner away from Insurgentes Sur Avenue, I stopped by a Casa de Toño restaurant.

One of my favorite places to eat in Mexico City.

I get some mixed flautas.

Right as I exit the restaurant though, it begins raining HARD.

And, having been in Mexico long enough, I know this doesn’t turn out well.

During the months we are in now, we have the rain season.

When it rains, it fucking rains.

It doesn’t end for HOURS quite commonly enough.

And, in this moment, it was raining so hard that even small little bit of ice was hitting the ground.

So I’m standing outside protected by some concrete cover above waiting for this to end or at least not be as bad.

Sitting close to me was some stranger who I decided to make small talk with to pass the time.

Happened to be a Rappi delivery guy who didn’t have his own vehicle apparently and I guess was just walking to only very close by clients?

No offensive to the kid – he seemed nice.

But I’d hate to have him as my delivery person if he’s walking and can’t deliver quickly.

Regardless, we got into some small talk.

He was some 20 year old kid, born in Mexico City and doing Rappi since the Covid recession thing took out the job he used to have.

And that’s how he got into Rappi.

Which makes sense – I’ve seen a huge spike in Rappi and Uber delivery people outside in Mexico City in the last some odd months.

Anyway, the rain becomes less severe and I decide to head on home.

With moments like this, you have to decide: Do you want to potentially lose 2 to 3 hours of your life waiting for the rain to end or get soaked?

Since the rain wasn’t as fierce now, I opted for getting soaked.

Because I can’t hope that the rain will end soon. I’ve had moments in Mexico City where I just wait for hours for the fucking rain to end and it never gets less severe until later into the night.

Here, it’s already less severe now and so I chose to get soaked.

Which, as a side point, is a sign you have been in Mexico City long enough.

If you haven’t ever been soaked by the god damn rain at least once, then do you really know Mexico City?

I doubt so.

Anyway, to wrap this up, I eventually get home after crossing mini street rivers and literally getting soaked.

At some point, the rain started to get worse again but I didn’t fucking care anymore.

I was already so close to being home again that I just kept on walking.

It’s moments like this that make me wish I carried enough on hand for a taxi.

As a side point, I usually always carry the bare minimum I need when I’m outside.

Just in case some asshole mugs me and takes my shit.

Haven’t lost my shit yet but you never know!

Except, of course, this one time the fucking police in Mexico robbed me that you can read about here.

Or this one time this homeless dude tried mugging me but I stopped him as you can read here.

Outside of that, nothing crazy!

So I finally got home.

The food?

Still tasty.

Was it worth it anyhow catching up with Bondage Chick?

As I said, she was weird as hell but nice.

Mostly, the idea of fucking someone suspended in the air does sound kinda cool.

There’s this one scene in a bound gangbang porn clip where Asian porn actresses Asa Akira is tied up and some dude is choking her with the rope while she begs “PLEASE GIVE ME YOUR CUM.”

Then he shoots a load on her face while releasing the pressure of the rope.

I’ve always wanted to try that!

Too bad Bondage Chick isn’t Asian….

I could turn this bitch into a porn clip I always liked!

Still, nothing is perfect.

I'd just have to close my eyes and tell myself it's Asa Akira before I shoot my load onto her.

I do see fun here though in all seriousness.

But, as I edit this article, I should point out we never got around to talking again.

I never sent her a follow up message and she never sent me one either.

So no fucking most likely but it was an interesting experience talking with her.

And that’s all I got to say.

Just a little story about my day today.

Got anything to say yourself? Drop it in the comment section below.

And follow my Twitter here.

Thanks for reading.

Best regards,


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