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My Reggaeton Playlist

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What's Up: If your computer is as slow as mine, just move the page to the bottom and top quickly. Then let it load in like a minute or two. This is the best resource on older reggaeton on the internet but it has a ton of videos so it might take a tiny bit to load all of the videos on this article. Enjoy. 

So, originally, I was going to make this article include a bunch of information on the coolest reggaeton singers, their best albums, the history behind it all, etc.

But, being honest, I don't give enough a fuck to research that right now.

And, if we are being honest, you don't either.

At any rate, I need to save my favorite reggaeton songs somewhere with the names of them written down because Youtube keeps deleting my favorite songs.

For example, there was some song where the music video begins with some skinny ass dude busting in with a jacket going RA CHA CHA or something like that.

Then it cuts to showing the tits of some black hair white Latina chick who has the look in her eyes like she wants to fuck you.

Then some blonde chick dances half nude.

Then a fat dude busts through the door spitting out fire.

Unfortunately, Youtube deleted that video and I can't remember what it was called.

If you know what it was based on that description, let me know!

Either way, as a precaution, I'm putting down my favorite reggaeton songs to listen to when I get drunk below here with their names included.

That way I won't ever forget the title of a song.

Of course, it doesn't include ALL of the reggaeton songs I like.

Only a small percentage of the ones I got in my playlist.

Of which I got literally over a 1,000 saved.

But here's the ones I listen to most often.

Including also, by the way, some non-reggaeton songs that happened to be in my reggaeton playlist.

So keep that in mind -- it's more like 99% reggaeton and 1% non-reggaeton. 

At any rate, as I edit this, I believe that this is the BEST list of reggaeton songs on the internet (mixed with some non-reggaeton hits).

Or, at the very least, one of the best.

As I write this, it has least a 100 songs I included. I might post up to 200 of my playlist.

Anyway, it took me forever to get all the videos I included into this article and it'll take me a few more hours to get the rest in...

So thank me, damn it!

And grab a bottle and enjoy the music below in no particular order. 

Khriz y Angel -- Ven Bailo 

Don Omar -- Virtual Diva 

Don Omar -- Hasta Abajo

Tego Calderón - Punto y Aparte

Tego Calderón - Fuego

Yandel -- Dembow 

Tego Calderón - Cosa Buena

Daddy Yankee -- Yo Se Que a Ti Te gusta 

Yaga & Mackie - Acechándote

Hector y Tito -- Felina 

Tego Calderón - Dominicana 

Nicky Jam -- Me Voy Pal Party 

Daddy Yankee -- Cogela Que Va Sin Jockey 

Nicky Jam and Daddy Yankee -- Vamos a Perrear 

DJ Nelson -- Que No Pare El Bailoteo

El Rey del Marroneo

Hector El Father -- Maldades 

Jowell y Randy ft. Voltio - Ponmela

Aparentemente - Yaga & Mackie x Arcangel x De La Ghetto

De La Ghetto -- Lover

Randy & De La Ghetto - Sensacion Del Bloque

***One of my favorites right here

De La Ghetto -- Kali Crush 

DJ Luian - Estamos Aqui ft. Arcangel Y De La Ghetto

***Another favorite

Arcangel & De La Ghetto - Rosé

Baby Rasta y Gringo , Ivi Queen y The Noise

Daddy Yankee - Aqui Esta Tu Caldo

Hector El Father -- Dale Castigo 

Daddy Yankee - Latigazo

Don Omar - Tu Te Estas Calentando Conmigo

Zion y Lennon -- Hay Algo en Ti

Tego Calderón - Al Natural 

Tego Calderón - Chillin'

Tego Calderón - Pa' Que Retozen (Pa que se lo gozen) & Metele Sazon

En la Disco Bailoteo - Wisin & Yandel

Don Omar Ft. Daddy Yankee - Seguroski - Gata Ganster

Nova y Jory -- Bien Loco

Si Tu No Estas - Nicky Jam Ft De la Ghetto | Video Oficial

Angel Y Khriz - Carita De Angel

Daddy Yankee -- Impacto

Zion -- Fantasma 

Na De Na -- Khriz y Angel

Wisin y Yandel -- Besos Mojados 

Fuego una vaina loca ft pitbull by dj ste-p

Daddy Yankee Ft Rupee-Tempted To Touch(Remix)

Alexis y Fido -- 5 Letras

Alexis y Fido -- Me Quiere Besar

No Te Veo -- Jowell y Randy

Loco -- Jowell y Randy

Siente El Boom -- Tito El Bambino

Zion y Lennox -- Pierdo la Cabeza

Chino & Nacho - Me Voy Enamorando (Lyric Video/Remix) ft. Farruko

Wisin & Yandel - Me estas tentando with lyrics/letras

Sexy Movimiento -- Wisin y Yandel

De La Ghetto -Tu Te Imaginas

Farruko Ft. Messiah - Chapi Chapi 2016

Es Dificil -- De La Ghetto

Arcangel - Soy Una Gargola

Arcangel - Pa La Que Pases Bien

Arcangel - Tengo Tantas Ganas de Ti

Tego Calderon -- No Quiere Novio

Tego Calderon -- Guasa, Guasa

Don Omar ft. Tego Calderon -- Bandolero

Esta Noche es de Travesura -- Hector El Bambino

El que te puso a bellaquear - Wisin y Yandel

Mayor Que Yo

Danny Ocean - Me Rehúso (Official Audio)

Plan B -- Candy

Baila Morena - Hector y Tito ft. Don Omar / GloryZion & Lennox --Doncella

Baila Morena -- Hector y Tito

Daddy Yankee -- Gasolina

Donde Estan Las Atrevidas| Miku| Levan Polka

Ella Quiere Hmm Haa Hmm - DJ YAYO (Argentina) Ft. Leka El Poeta & Master Boy

Dale Don Dale -- Don Omar

Mirala Bien -- Wisin y Yandel

YCarlos Vives, Shakira - La Bicicleta

***Funny enough, an ex-girlfriend of mine from Colombia listened to this song constantly when we were together. It's not bad. 

Yo Quiero Bailar -- Ivy Queen

Plan B -- No Quiero Que Te Vayas

Pose -- Daddy Yankee

Lo que pasó pasó! -- Daddy Yankee

Luny Tunes Noche de entierro feat Hector ''El Father'', Daddy Yankee, Tony Tun Tun y Wisin y Yandel

Calle 13 -- Suave

Calle 13 - Atrevete te te (Explicit)

Calle 13 -- Muerte en Hawaii

Calle 13 -- Electro Movimiento

Calle 13 -- Latinoamerica

Calle 13 -- Adentro

Calle 13 -- La Vuelta Al Mundo

Olvida Su Nombre -- Hector y Tito

Yo Te Quiero -- Wisin y Yandel

Zion feat Eddie Dee - Amor de Pobre - HD

wisin y yandel - rakata con letra.

Anoche Soñe Contigo - Wisin & Yandel - Los Extraterrestres

Don Omar Conteo

Ese hombre es mio -- La Factoria

N.O.R.E., Nina Sky, Daddy Yankee - Oye Mi Canto (Official Video) HD

Yomo Ft. Hector El Father - Dejale Caer To El Peso

Alexis & Fido - Eso Ehh..!!! (Official Video)

Dale Calor -- Hector El Father

Wisin y Yandel -- Te Siento

Don Omar -- Pobre Diabla

Ivy Queen -- Dime

*** Another favorite: Reminds me of when I was in clubs in Cochca with a chick named Mariana that I liked a lot. More nostalgia I guess. 

Nicky Jam -- No Soy Tu Marido

La Factoria -- Dile a Tu Novio

Tego Calderon -- Elegante de Boutique

Wisin y Yandel -- Pegao

Hector El Father -- Tu Quieres Duro

Don Omar -- Salio El Sol

Natti Natasha -- Criminal

Sebastian Yatra -- Traicionera

Daddy Yankee -- No Me Dejes Solo

Hector y Tito -- Pegate

Ya Quiero Saber -- Ivy Queen

Tocarte Toa -- Big Yamo Ft. Natya

Hector y Tito -- Te Voy a Dar Mas Candela

Nicky Jam -- Perrear Contigo

Wisin y Yandel -- Se Activaron Los Pristoleros

Trebol Clan -- Amor Prohibido

Trebol Clan -- Bailando Provocas

Don Omar -- Sueltate Conmigo

Johnny Prez -- Vampireza

Johnny Prez -- Tu Pum Pum

Daddy Yankee -- Llegamos a La Disco

Me Pones En Tension

Como Toda Una Senora

Daddy Yankee -- Muevete y Perrea

La Locura Automatica

Un Poco Loca ft. De La Ghetto

Don Omar -- Cuentale

By the way, if you want to follow a good Youtube channel that has plenty of classic Reggaeton hits, then check this one out here called Clasico Reggaetonero

And follow my Twitter here.

Thanks for reading.

Best regards,


PS: If you got any good song recommendations, I'd love it. Drop them in the comments below and I might add it to this playlist.

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My reggaeton list…

There you have it! And it will always be that way, put some Abba on the wireless and turn it up LOUD!

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