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No Country for Tall Men

Published June 9, 2021 in Mexico - 0 Comments

One funny and very minor aspect to living in certain Latin countries is when you are confronted with something that wasn’t build for anyone taller than 5’9.

Let’s jump into an example…

Back when I was living near an area of Mexico City known as Cuatro Caminos, I remember being a bit lonely for about a month.

It was during a month in which I broke up with my then girlfriend for that length of time until she convinced me to get back with her when the month ended.

Oddly enough, her crying at a restaurant about how “she missed me” and giving me a 5 minute talk about wanting to get back together…

And also her getting on her knees back at my place and going “ OHHH ES TAN GRANDE” when she saw me naked did make me contemplate getting back with her.


 It was during that month in which I would take walks outside to get some fresh air…

Often because, during that time, I was so busy working in front of my laptop to figure out how to make money online that I wouldn’t enjoy Mexico very much.

Well, if you walked about 5 minutes to the left of where I lived, you would end up getting to a busy street.

In which, if you wanted to cross it, you’d be better off taking this bridge that went up and over the busy street.

So I remember doing that for the very first time…

And, without exaggeration, I literally had to bend over a tiny bit with my head down to use it.


And, keep in mind, I’m not a super tall guy.

I’m completely normal at 5’9.

Though, on Tinder, I like to say I’m 5’10 because who doesn’t like double digits?

It ain’t the only thing about me that is double digits in size – jejej haha jeje haha jeje haha….

Anyway, that was one of the first times I ever remember thinking to myself…

“Who was this constructed for?!? A country of midgets?!”

Either way, it wasn’t so annoying after the first time I used it.

Actually, in many ways, I found it funny because I literally was wondering just how tiny the average Mexican must’ve been for them to think “yes, let’s make this uncomfortable to use for anyone 5’9 or taller.”

And you know what?

Just today, I had the exact same experience.

Which is how I got reminded of this topic.

I was walking through a tiny market area and actually had to lower my head a tiny bit so it wouldn’t hit the cover over me.

Whoever set up the cover overhead to protect us from rain must’ve been someone shorter than 5’9.

Or, as an equally plausible explanation, they just didn’t give a fuck if it was properly set up or not.

That same argument could possibly be used against the bridge in the beginning of this article.

Was it inefficient construction work or simply short people designing stuff for short people?

Of course, this isn’t the only time where the topic of my completely normal height was relevant to something down here.


If we are being honest, the circumstances in which I find my height put to the test because of something constructed are pretty rare.

It’s never happened in the US though or in most countries I’ve been to.

But, once in a blue moon, it has happened in Mexico.

And also, from what I remember, Bolivia and Guatemala also when I spent a few months in both countries.

Still, as I said, it’s very rare.

And, just so we all know, I’m not saying every Mexican is a literal midget.

Plenty who are much taller than me!

Anyway, the circumstance in which my height is relevant the most is, as you can guess, when it comes to dating.

Though not in the way you might think…

In the US, it’s not terribly uncommon to see a chick on Tinder say that she only prefers men 6 feet or over.

Or, more commonly, hear men bitch about women only preferring that even though I hear more bitching than see more women asking for it.

Still, they do exist.

But in Mexico….

Not really.

I can’t remember the last time seeing a profile on Tinder or Mexican Cupid where a chick demanded that a guy be 6 feet or taller.

I’m sure it happens!

If you go on Tinder right now, you’ll probably find some Mexican chick like that.

But, in my experience, the height standards are usually phrased differently in which she, especially if she happens to be closer to my height, will insist on a man at least her height or better.

And, as I said, that usually means a chick who is somewhere between 5’7 or 5’10.

I genuinely find Mexican women to be more forgiving of guys who don’t hit 6 feet tall because, if we are being honest, it seems like they can’t be picky in that department.

You simply have less men in Mexico who could hit that.

It’s much more common in Mexico, in my experience, to see so many men noticeably shorter than I am.

And, as I said, I’m completely normal in height!

Furthermore, when you do go on a date with a chick who is about 5’7 to 5’9…

Especially if she is 5’9 or 5’10…

Every single one of them that I can remember have always started the date…


They always seem happy by the fact that they didn’t get catfished by a 5’5 midget Mexican dude who comes from Oaxaca with an occupation of cooking the finest tacos on corner next over.

Reminds me of this guy here from the US in this video who got bitchy about his height in some bagel store or whatever…

When I saw that video, I always thought “motherfucker should move to Chiapas in Mexico or maybe Bolivia….He could find a 5 foot tall girl there!”

Plus, being a white American, women will assume he has more cash than the locals.

So if he wants THE PUSSY, I’m just saying…

Life might be nicer to him down here than up there.

A tiny bit more forgiving.


If he plays his cards right.

And goes for a Chiapas chick from a rural village with an ugly ass face but a NICE PERSONALITY and who can cook him tamales and mole just like you see here.

Wrapping it Up

Anyway, that’s the final point also…

Which is that how your height affects these different aspects of life…

Dealing with infrastructure that wasn’t made for you or dating…

Or whatever else…

Well, it varies depending on where you are.

But really, as I said, it’s rare for it to be an issue.

And how it plays out dating wise is the most noticeable part of it.

With some parts, like Bolivia or wherever else, tend to have moments where it’s all a little more noticeable.

Anyway, that’s all I got to say on this minor topic.

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Thanks for reading.

Best regards,


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