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New Website Design

Published May 5, 2021 in Miscellaneous Information - 4 Comments

I paid 30 bucks for a guy on Fiverr to make this design for my website.

You can check it out here.

It's now the new header on the homepage.

What do you guys think of it?

Anything that could be improved?

I can always pay the dude another 5 bucks or so to fix up any minor details.

So give feedback!

I like it myself but am curious what other think.

The only change I'm working on right now is to make it smaller on the desktop version.

The mobile version I like a bit more but both I'm satisfied with.

But let make explain now what the design is supposed to represent.

The Design

So the design is the same image you can see on top of this article.

Initially, I was going to go with a tropical beach design.

You know -- this being about Iberian America or Latin America....

Who doesn't think of a beach?

With some mojitos and big booty Cuban gals giving you a nice time.

But then I thought -- "no, that's too typical."

So I changed my mind.

And wanted something that is iconic to Latin America.

But not something so commonly seen like Ipanema in Brazil or the Amazon Rainforest.

An image that can be recognized easily enough by those who have lived in Latin America long enough and who have traveled to various countries.

An image that screams "if you know, you know"

Something with a taste of minimalism to it also.

As something like the Amazon Rainforest would simply be too big with so many details.

So something with more a minimalist touch.

Thus, the Stone Tree of the Salvador Dali Desert it was!

This is in the heart of South America by the way in Bolivia.

And it has a certain mystical allure to it.

With the mountains, the location in the heart of South America, the shape of the rock (stone tree) and relative isolation from everyone else on the planet.

A magical place that I feel represents the beauty of Latin America well.

As I wrote here with my own photos I took, it is one of my favorite areas of Latin America.

And here's another article about this place I wrote where I had to fight against a sand storm literally in front of that stone tree you see in the image.

Purely for its natural beauty.

And also it does look like a nice place to have a mass orgy with dozens of hot Latinas all at once.

You know -- Venezuelans, Cubans, Colombians, Brazilians, Mexicans, etc.

And, obviously, even a few cute Bolivian gals from Santa Cruz area maybe!

We can't forget those sexy Bolivian gals can we?

I mean, the image is located in Bolivia!

It'd be rude not to invite them, damn it!

While doing ayahuasca and cocaine at the same time?

Of course!

The best of orgies.

A dream of mine that is, unfortunately, still a dream.

Still, we all have goals.

That's one of mine.

But regardless!

I quite like the image.

And it has a "futuristic" feel to it also being vaporwave and all.


Like this here!

But what do you think?

Leave thoughts below.

I paid a hard earned 30 dollars for this image so I want feedback!

Ahora Mismo!


Best regards,



Patrick - May 6, 2021 Reply

looks good

Dazza - May 8, 2021 Reply

Nooooooooooooooooooooo – fucking hell, what an abomination!

What’s wrong with getting some picture like this?

    Matt - May 8, 2021 Reply

    lol i dont want an urban pic. if i did, i’d go with Mexico City. I want a pic that represents the nature of Latin America. A mysterious place with spirituality….where you can stand outside at night and the Quechua Gods speak to you from above “Our Son, it is time for you to write another blog post on Iberian America.” And myself, out of reality due to the ayahuasca, reply “yes Father.” The Stone Tree of Bolivia? Perfect representation of my life motivations. Nature, spirtualism, hot cuban girls.

Dazza - May 8, 2021 Reply

It looks like a purple Stonehenge on the moon! But if you say so!

I was wondering what happened to your blog the last few weeks, glad to see you have got it sorted out now!

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