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“Stay Away From Our Women, Gringo!”

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Some odd years ago, I remember I was hanging out with a friend of mine named Angie who is a Mexican chick from Veracruz.

We were hanging out at her apartment after hooking up and she was basically just scrolling through her Facebook while I was just chilling.

At the time, some random dude messaged her.

I forgot the dude’s name but it was some random Mexican dude who must’ve known her.

Anyway, Angie used to post photos of us hanging out on Instagram and Whatsapp so the guy saw one of the photos from what I remember.

And it went from there.

To which the guy half joked at the fact that she shouldn’t be fucking around with gringos.

Something along the lines of a tone like “Mexicans ain’t good enough haha haha?”

He didn’t say it too aggressively or directly but kinda hinted at what he was getting at.

Anyway, Angie and I weren’t even dating – just hooking up.

But the guy took some issue that he didn’t want to be direct about in regards to what he perceived as her dating a gringo.

But that type of sentiment isn’t too uncommon among Latinos in Latin America.

And it’s really only a few that I think hold the biggest issue with it.

Granted, sometimes the issue becomes larger than just a single incel Latino getting angry about a foreigner fucking “his women.”

But let’s address what I’ve seen on the topic down here.

Tribal Dating

First, you have people of all races, nationalities and both genders who get pissed at people taking “our people.”

Be it the black woman who gets pissed at the black man who dates a white chick.

Or a white guy who gets pissed at a black man dating a white chick.

Or an Asian chick dating a non-Asian.

As well I think you do have insecurities among women of certain nationalities when they hear about men from countries like the US or wherever going abroad to have better dating success.

Where they try to shame those guys and call them losers or whatever because they want the hotter young chick from Colombia, Ukraine or Thailand.

Granted, some of those guys can be losers to be fair from what I’ve seen.

But I feel that falls into the same category of what we are talking about in terms of chicks getting angry at men dating “outside the tribe.”

Equally so, you have Latino guys down here who get insecure as I said about foreign men coming by to fuck “their women.”

But, to be fair, I don’t think most Latino guys give a damn.

Since most people have bigger things to focus on in general.

In my experience, the guys who get the most insecure about it down here tend to be….

As you can imagine…

Guys who basically don’t get any pussy.

The type down here who send 50 messages “hola bonita” over and over again over a period of a month to the same chicks hoping that one of them will play with him.

And then when he sees a gringo coming by having success with her…

Yeah, the guy might feel a bit insecure about it for sure.

Otherwise, the only way a local Latino guy might feel insecure about you having dating success down here is if you don’t know when to shut up.

If you are the type of guy to rub it in the faces of other people…

Constantly talking about “how I just fucked a 10 bro” down here to every Latino guy you are friends with…

Yeah, obviously that would get annoying for anyone to hear to have to constantly hear some random dude brag about fucking 10s.

Even if those 10s are actually 5s but I digress…

Though, to be fair, said gringo doesn’t necessarily even have to brag about it…

If some Latino catches wind that you are bringing home endless amounts of chicks back to your place…

Particularly if you have a doorman at your place…

Then, sure, the landlord might be a dick about it.

Or really anyone.

In my apartment building now, we have this older chick who was catching wind of this dude in the building bringing home lots of chicks one after another…

She didn’t like that and tried to get the apartment owner to tell him to not bring anymore people.

Well, that didn’t work and that was that.

So, in other circumstances, you might not be bragging about it but someone still might catch wind of it and get jealous nonetheless.

And finally, in special circumstances, you might have an entire community of people who are insecure or disapproving of the foreigner coming by to sleep with women…

Sex Tourism to the Extreme

In very specific cities in Latin America, you have a history of sex tourism that really pisses off a greater share of the locals than what you would find in most Latin cities.

From what I know, the Colombian city of Medellin is exactly like that.

Where that city basically has a bit of a history of people coming by to sleep with the local women.

Through prostitutes or hooking up in general.

In large part because of the history of the place

Consequently, you have had more locals there than normal take a stand against it and get really angry about it.

From what I heard, supposedly the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro is like that apparently.

I’m not sure though but I remember someone telling me that.

Though I’m less familiar with Brazil than Colombia as of this writing…

So it’s just a thing I heard.

Either way, there’ s not much more to say on the subject.

There was one funny incident where I had a group of Bolivians pissed at me at a club when I was with a Bolivian chick I was hooking up with.

Not sure if they were pissed that I was “fucking their women.”

But either way…

I just want to end this by saying that obviously most men (99%) don’t really give a fuck about this topic down here and won’t get angry at you.

Most don’t actually have the balls anyway to say anything to your face anyhow.

Like that Mexican guy who wouldn’t dare say anything to me about it and was even being indirect with Angie about it.

But it is what it is.

A minor topic to touch on when it comes to dating down here.

But not much more needed to be said.

If you have any similar experiences, comments or questions…

Drop them below.

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Thanks for reading.

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