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How Comfortable Do You Prefer Your Latin American Country?

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When you are young in your 20s, a lot of the uncomfortable aspects of life in a country like Colombia don’t seem like a big deal.

Maybe you went to a restaurant that you really like and then someone gets shot there a few hours after you finished your meal.

Perhaps there is a chick you matched with on Tinder and you meet up with her at a bar.

Afterwards, you go with her back to her place but her neighborhood is absolute shit.

Looks sketchy as hell.

But, as I wrote here, you disregard that because you are young and invincible.

Plus, she has a really nice ass.

So it’s OK.

Maybe you even run out of money while you are living down here and choose to live in a neighborhood like that.

And among all the other dumb shit you might do…

You find it to be OK.

You are having the time of your life anyway to be fair.

A really great fucking time.

But you get older perhaps…

Perhaps chasing pussy into the shittiest neighborhood of the city doesn’t seem as good of an idea anymore.

Maybe living in a particular city seems too dangerous once you hit 40s and want to pick a nicer city to live in.

And you are going through life stages.

A friend of mine just hit 30 recently and is now thinking of turning a girl into a wife and having a family with her.

For him, he’s not sure if he will stay in Mexico or not.

Definitely not Mexico City – “no place to raise children” as he put it.

Because, in his mind, Mexico City is more of a place for a single guy.

But because of the chaotic nature of the city, the traffic, the pollution, the homeless and some sketchy aspects of some of the city…

He just doesn’t think Mexico City is the right place to raise any kids that he might have in the future.

So he thinks maybe a place like Cuernavaca or maybe back home to the US.

One of the two.

Funny enough, his own concerns about the safety of raising kids in Mexico City might’ve been the same concerns his parents had about him living here.

Either way, this all comes to a certain aspect about choosing a Latin country to live in….

How Comfortable, Gringo?

When outsiders think of life in Latin America, they think of a place with sunshine, beaches and nice drinks all day long.

Maybe a nice big booty Latina with some fake tits and pepperoni nipples to satisfy us all day long…

And whatever else included.


Sure, throw tacos into the mix.

But once said outsider starts thinking seriously about where to move down here…

Or maybe they travel around first to get a taste of the region before deciding some years later…

They will ultimately consider obviously what it is they want in life down here.

And which country then best fits what they are looking for.

For example, some folks really want a more rural lifestyle in the Chaco of Paraguay for example.

Maybe a nice house out there with plenty of backyard space to cook barbecue and raise a family.

To live a simple life.

But others might see that place as not being very comfortable.

Too poor.

So perhaps they opt for the nice place in the countryside of Chile or Argentina.

With all the amazing scenery in the background.

But with the extra safety and better development that the place comes with.

Not as poor.

Though certainly more expensive.

You get what you pay for, eh?

Of course, other folks see it completely differently.

They couldn’t imagine living in Chile or Argentina.

To them, Chile or Argentina do not fit the idea of what “Latin America is supposed to be.”

They prefer a place with nicer beaches, more sunshine, more tropical….

And, well, more attractive women that they will label as “exotic.”

When I say exotic, I mean that stereotypical Latina look of light to medium brown skin, long black hair, a huge ass with big tits and the best curves, nice lips, etc…

Just looks like a stereotypical sex machine ready to fuck all day.

Who can call you “papi” all day.

Hey, I’m not promoting the idea.

I’m just saying what the idea is for some who want a life in Latin America.

Maybe they already had a family?

And are coming in from rural Oregon or something.

So they don’t want a colder place that is more developed with crappy beaches and women with flat asses and who get mad at you throwing them a nice compliment.

Sorry Uruguay – you’re out!

Granted, Uruguay does have one beach everyone in South America knows about but that’s a side point.

You get the idea.

They lived that life back home and want something different.

They don’t give as much of a fuck about stability or how developed or rich a place is.

Instead, these folks want that “typical Latin” experience.

The really nice beaches, drinking all day with exotic Latin music in the background and exotic young women giving them attention and pussy.

With that low cost of living to throw in the mix.

And tacos?

Always the tacos.

Though, to me, that all again comes down to how comfortable you want the place to be.

Because a country like Colombia, the DR or Brazil offer much of that better than most Latin countries in my opinion.

But you can argue that they are relatively “less comfortable” than a country like Chile or Uruguay.

What do I mean by that?

The Comparison

A country like Chile or Uruguay is going to be without question a more developed place usually than a country like the DR or Colombia.

Simply because you have less violence, less corruption, less pollution and things generally run smoother overall.

Granted, in countries like Colombia or Brazil, it is absolutely possible to have a very comfortable life.

Don’t get me wrong.

I was comfortable in Colombia.

But I did find aspects of life there to be more fucking annoying than life in Mexico City for example.

Just because things are more developed here than even what I saw in Bogota.

Life runs smoother here overall.

Granted, on the other hand, Mexican chicks don’t look as nice as Colombian but whatever.

I prefer to be a little more comfortable.

But, like I said, one can absolutely have a comfortable life in a country like Colombia.

Especially if you bring more money to the table than 8,400 USD annual income from freelancing or whatever BS job you might do online.

As long as it brings real income.

Because, if we are being honest, quite a few expats (though not all), certainly do not have much money to their name.

Because they want that low cost of living but don’t bring much to the table when it comes to real skills to make money remotely.

Still, many of those types also confess to being comfortable down here in countries like Colombia.

And I believe them.

I’m sure they are.

But they probably do experience more of aspects of life there that are not comfortable.

When things don’t run smoothly taking public transportation.

Or maybe living in a place without AC.

Or living in a neighborhood that isn’t as nice or in a shared apartment with roommates.

So they are not as comfortable as they could be perhaps.

Of course, they could move to a country like Chile perhaps.

Or Uruguay.

But then I’d argue they’d be less “exotic” perhaps to the local women and would have less women wanting to fuck them.

And the women themselves wouldn’t look as nice as maybe what they see in Colombia or the DR.

That’s an element to it obviously.

Not to judge but it’s partly true.

Picking a country that might not be as comfortable but where you’d have a more satisfying sex life.

And also a country like Chile would be harder to live in on an annual income of 8,400 USD or whatever low amount it might be for some of these folks.

So ultimately they choose against the more developed and more comfortable Latin country for the one that is less comfortable.

Because it can offer them that dream of living abroad in Latin America with the main priorities they care for – hotter chicks and lower cost of living.

While living in a land that looks relatively different compared to where they came from.

The cold land of Oregon that looks too much like Chile to begin with.

So why bother moving to Chile if it is basically home to some of these folks?

In my time talking with other expats, I’ve noticed that anyway.

But usually they give a term to these countries.

“Too Americanized”

When an expat refers to a place as “too Americanized,” they usually mean a few things.

First, it could mean a place that simply has too much influence from American culture obviously.

But what do these expats usually reference as an example of “too Americanized?”

In my experience, they usually cite the women as being “too Americanized.”

“They come with too much attitude, feminism has taken too much root there, etc.”

Funny enough, these same places almost always tend to be the more developed countries of Latin America.

Chile, Argentina, Uruguay and sometimes Mexico is thrown into the mix just because it shares a border with the US.

Of course, if they were concerned about a place being too “Americanized,” wouldn’t you think they would go to Paraguay, Bolivia and Nicaragua?

Some expats do for various reasons.

Like the ones who go to Paraguay because it has a “mysterious appeal” to it since few talk about Paraguay ever.

But many of these folks usually don’t go to those countries.

Even though Bolivia is probably high up on the list for not having as much American influence.

At least in my experience.

No, they instead go to places like Colombia, the DR, Cuba or Brazil for example.

And the funny thing is that there is plenty of American influence in those countries!

Doesn’t matter.

The women are known to be much hotter in those countries relative to the rest of Latin America.

Outside of brazil, these places tend to be relatively cheap enough.

With plenty of nice beaches (some of the best in Latin America perhaps) and lots of nice sunshine.

Checks many of the boxes.

Though they might not be the most “comfortable places” in Latin America.

Even though, as I said before, any expat could be comfortable enough in those places assuming he either has enough money…

Or maybe he has that 8,400 USD annual income but also has lower standards that he is OK with.

Wrapping it Up

Though, like I said, not every expat is like that.

Expats come in a wide range of groups.

Some do live in Bolivia, Paraguay or Nicaragua.

Because they do perhaps want a less Americanized country but also want that lower cost of living in a more rural place.

Maybe a good place to raise children?

A calmer place to live a more relaxed life and be in anonymity?

And whatever else that might influence them.

Or, like I said, you have some folks who just want that “typical Latin” experience with the best beaches, lowest cost of living, the most sunlight and the best Latinas available.

With less concern for issues like safety, corruption, how smoothly things are run, etc.

And, like my friend mentioned in the beginning, you have some folks who are moving past that.

Who want that family life also.

But don’t see a place like Paraguay or Nicaragua as very logical.

Some place more developed and less chaotic for raising a family.


Chile or Uruguay?

Of course, you got folks living there who want that less chaotic and safer life without raising kids.

A place like that for retirement perhaps.

And, like I said, you have a boatload of other types of expats also.

This article obviously doesn’t describe the situation everyone is in.

It’s simply to point out an interesting characteristic that some expats keep an eye out for when picking a country to settle down in.

And I see it tying into “how comfortable do you want to be?”

Mixed in with other goals you have.

The same ones mentioned above.

A calm quiet place that is poor?

One that is wealthier but more expensive to live in?

Or you just want, what I see as, that “typical Latin experience” that some outsiders tend to think of.

At least ones I know of.

But no judgment obviously regarding what you prefer.

Want nicer young Latinas in that type of climate?

Or a more developed and safer place to call home?

Perhaps a poorer one that is still safe overall but with a lower cost of living and more rural?

All sounds nice to me actually.

Anyway, that’s all I got to say on the matter.

If you have any comments or questions, drop them below.

And follow my Twitter here.

And thanks for reading.

Best regards,


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