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Are Expats & Digital Nomads in Latin America Losers?

Published April 1, 2021 in Personal Stories & Opinions - 0 Comments

Listen faggot.

Do you live in Latin America?

And you weren’t born there?

Fuck yo bitch ass.

You a loser.

That’s right.

I’m talking to you bitch.

Anyone who spends time down here sucks DICK.

Well, that’s the sentiment anyway…

Among those who criticise foreigners who live in Latin America.

Be it the expats or the digital nomads or whatever the fuck they call themselves these days.

Extending from a previous article that I wrote about if repats are losers….

Let’s address the other group – expats!

Or just foreigners in general who live in Latin America.

Are they losers?

Because there is a sentiment out there that claims that foreigners who live in Latin America are basically losers who couldn’t “make it work” in their country.

To be honest, I never personally encountered this sentiment in real life.

Nobody has ever came up to me and been like “fuck yo bitch ass, you a loser for living down here.”

Hasn’t happened yet!

Though I have encountered this sentiment online.

Just a few weeks ago or about a month ago…

I was reading a tweet by this dude who was basically shit talking guys who chose to live outside of America.

With a bunch of guys agreeing with him in the comments.

They all held the same belief that foreigners who live outside of America are folks who basically never had any real social connections back home.

Therefore, they’re all a bunch of autistic fucktards.

This morning, I was reading an article here that briefly mentioned this sentiment also.

These aren’t the only times I’ve encountered this sentiment online.

Basically the idea being that foreigners who live abroad outside of their home country are somehow losers.

That they couldn’t make it work back home.

Losers when it comes to dating, finances, social networks or whatever else.

Though, in my experience, the criticism seems to be mostly focused on those 3 topics above.




And if you live down here, you must obviously be a loser who couldn’t achieve one of the above back home.

But is that true?

Let’s address it based on my own personal experiences.

With my own life and also the lives of the few other foreigners I have met down here.

I can’t say that my own experiences with other foreigners represents most folks down here.

I’m just going to bring up what I have seen personally and leave it at that based on those three topics.

Faggot Ass Virgins

The first point….

Dating success?

Well, to be fair, there are plenty of foreigners like this.

This is one of those “where there is smoke, there is fire” situations.

In fact, another guy who lives in Latin America….

Known as Vance online from a site called My Latin Life…

Published an article recently that you can read here that takes a bone to some of these folks.

Those who basically only live down here for sex related reasons and their whole identity seems to be based around sticking their 2.5 inch dicks in every single woman they can find in Latin America.

To be honest though…

I haven’t met too many of these folks.

Actually, I can’t remember the last time I ever met one in person.

But supposedly they are a problem!

Granted, my website is relatively new and doesn’t focus so much on dating…

So maybe that’s why I don’t get so many emails from random dudes asking about how to have sex with random Latinas.

Either way, I have met a few online over the last few years.

They do exist.

Are these guys losers?

Eh, I’ll let you be the judge.

For sure…

If you couldn’t get laid in your home country, then I suppose you are – by some definition – a loser when it comes to dating.

But I honestly don’t give a shit if you could get laid or not.

Ain’t my fucking problem.

Though the logic stands here.

If you couldn’t get laid back home and you came here for that reason….

Well, you fit the stereotype of what some of these guys way above in the article were saying.

That’s just the way it is.

But I don’t give a fuck.

You do you.

Though, in my personal experience, I can’t recall the last foreigner I met who fit this description.

I’m sure they exist.

I just can’t recall ever meeting one.

So when it comes to the question of if expats in Latin America are losers for this reason…


While this group does exist.

It’s not relatable to me.

That’s all I can.

I wouldn’t hype up this group much because I just don’t fucking know too many people like this personally.

Then we have the next group….

Broke Ass Motherfuckers

To be honest, I was a broke ass motherfucker once in Latin America.

As I wrote here.

This is something I see more commonly in Latin America.

Folks who live down here because the quality of life they have down here is better for a fraction of the cost than what it would be in the US.

In fact, I wrote an entire article here about how it has motivated me to stay down here in Latin America.

Are these folks losers?


If you are a dude making 500 bucks a month working 40 or more hours a week in Latin America….

Yeah, I’d say you are a loser.

Not to be a dick but it’s true.

500 bucks ain’t shit.

Be real.

I get if you hit a low and all.

That’s understandable.

But there should be a point where you realize that you need to get your shit together.

Having said that…

I’d say most foreigners are reasonable when they choose to live down here on a lower budget.

I ain’t going to say you are a loser when you realized and acted upon the fact that your quality of life is better down here for a lower cost.

That ain’t being a loser.

That’s just acting rationally.

So assuming you aren’t struggling on some extremely low cost of living while working a normal work week or insane hours….

Then you cool.

I wouldn’t say you are a loser.

Though, as I said, the financial motivation is a huge part of why so many folks choose to live down here.

I would just argue that quite a few are rational about it and are not necessarily losers when it comes to this topic.


Finally, you got some folks who are arguably losers when it comes to lifestyle down here.

Being honest, I’ve fallen into this camp at times.

I’m not perfect.

As I wrote in this article, I struggle with quitting alcohol and going out more.

However, when talking about this subject, most people tend to think of those folks who don’t have any real friends down here.

Who basically only hang out with chicks they are tyring to hookup with and that’s it.

I’d say as well that type of lifestyle is weak.

Of course, the question becomes if they were losers back home when it comes to their social life…

Well, I had friends back home.

Still have a few I talk to despite the years between us since we have talked in person.

Though I honestly don’t know if any other foreigner I have met qualifies under this category.

I simply don’t ask other foreigners if they have any real friends back home.

I don’t give a shit.

But this is another aspect of the criticism.

One that is a bit tied to the dating criticism above.

Since they work together in theory.

You had no friends or girlfriends back home.

You go down here.

Only people you hang with are chicks you trying to fuck.

And as you move from one country to the next as a digital nomad perhaps…

You never form real connections with anyone.

That’s the criticism I saw in that Twitter thread mentioned way above.

I’m not sure I entirely agree with this.

If you are young in your early 20s, I don’t see as much harm traveling for a year from country to country.

Though I do see significant issues with carrying that specific type of lifestyle into your mid 30s and later….

Especially if you are doing that for countless years and never spending much time beyond a month or so in any specific city.

That would be a red flag for me that shows that the person in question doesn’t value forming real friendships.

Which, in terms of lifestyle, might indicate that person is a loser socially.

Maybe they never had real friends back home.

But that’s speculation.

Depends on the person obviously.

Similar to the dating thing, I haven’t met too many folks like this.

Especially not in the last 4 years of me being in Mexico.

But that goes to the final verdict…

Final Verdict – Losers?

So are expats and digital nomads in Latin America losers?

I’d honestly say they are fine.

Granted, maybe it depends on the crowd you hang with also…

Like I said, I don’t know anyone who travels country to country and/or is so obsessed with getting ass that they have nothing else going for them in real life.

And most people I hang out with in real life tend to be locals.

But of the few foreigners I know down here…

They tend to be cool.

I wouldn’t call them losers.

But maybe you disagree?

If you got your own comments or questions, drop them below.

And follow my Twitter here.

Thanks for reading.

Best regards,


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