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A Stereotypical Young Male Gringo Path to Latin America

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Paul is a normal American guy in his early 20s living in Texas.

Having grown up all his life in Texas, he knows his home quite well.

Has some friends in the city he grew up in.

Plenty of fond memories.

And isn’t necessarily a guy anyone dislikes.

He’s a normal dude and that’s it.

Working a normal job at a factory perhaps or doing whatever.

Making enough money to get by but not having much in the bank account if we are being honest.

Maybe he goes to college also and is racking up some student loan debt.

Before ultimately graduating and moving on in the world.

Working in a corporate office for some no named company that most folks haven’t ever heard of.

A company that maybe even isn’t doing the best.

With a corporate culture that sucks the soul out of Paul.

Meanwhile, Paul is lonely.

Many of his friends have moved on in life.

And he just can’t quite seem to do well with women.

Perhaps he had a girlfriend?

Then she cheated on him.

Poor Paul.

Ultimately, Paul discovers an online forum known as Roooooo Forum.

At Roooooo Forum, Paul interacts with so many other men who discuss how to get pussy.

In a way, it satisfies Paul to be a member on this forum.

Not only because it helps him feel like he is part of a community with people who might care about him.

When he doesn’t have much of that in real life.

But also because he feels like he is learning the ways to do well with women.

On a online forum that gives “boots on the ground” information about how to get pussy in other countries.

With enough time strolling the forum…

Paul has two choices.

He can either keep strolling through the forum and never take action on everything he is reading.

Before ultimately settling down with some random chick who might cheat on him also.

Or of which Paul is at least worried about because maybe previous chicks have in his life.

Or he can grab his balls and go out to some random country that strangers on the internet told him to visit.

Strangers not just on the Roooooo Forum.

But those on random blogs that have affiliate links promising him how much better women abroad are if he just spends money on their affiliate dating programs.

Paul opts for option #2.

Dissatisfied with his work and dating life, Paul decides to move abroad.

Life in Colombia

Now, to be fair, maybe Paul does have better luck abroad.

After all, he’s one of the few white Americans in town.

Has a certain appeal about him.

A novelty that most local men can’t bring to the table.

Plus, Paul likely has plenty of time on his hands.

As he isn’t working the 9-5 anymore.

Suffice to say, it’s not unlikely that Paul has a better sex life abroad.

Though he might not necessarily be fucking the best looking women available.

With limited Spanish perhaps…

Or maybe not the best social skills….

Or whatever the issue might be.

And the fact most women are not 9’s and 10’s either…

He ultimately scores plenty of women but not necessarily the super hot chicks he saw advertised on dating programs and dating blogs.

Regardless, Paul is happy.

Even if he doesn’t have luck on a particular night, he can still pay for it.

Only 30 bucks!

And so life goes on.

Paul gets at least most of what he wants so far.

Not having to work at that soul sucking office job.

And also getting more head than he ever had back home.

But life takes for a turn….

Having to Make It Work

Paul learns quickly enough that he needs money to keep the dream alive.

Maybe he goes back home to work some random jobs.

Those soul sucking jobs with the micro-managing boss that he hates so much.

And over time of working those jobs he hates…

He also reads up on the internet regarding how to make money while abroad.

And some other blog tells him to “just buy my course and you’ll make lots of money.”

Paul signs up.

Takes the course.

Still hasn’t made money.

But has money saved up from the jobs he hates.

So he goes back to Colombia.

Where he can teach English for 500 bucks a month.

While working on different things online to see what sticks when it comes to money.

With all the work Paul is putting into these projects…

He sure doesn’t seem happy with his work.

The honeymoon phase is fading out.

And maybe Paul realizes that all of the work he is putting in doesn’t have a good ROI.

His English teaching job of 40 hours a week for 500 bucks sure seems to pay a lot less than most normal jobs back home.

And he simply isn’t making much money with his online ventures.

Maybe 50 bucks a month.

But, as he continues to see what sticks, eventually things turn out a little bit better financially.

But other aspects of living abroad start to get to him….

The Honeymoon is Over

After some odd years now, Paul is well past the honeymoon phase.

He is getting pissed at every fucking local who tries to scam him.

Overcharge him for whatever service.

He hates having to dodge traffic as he crosses the street…

With cars flying at him like they are trying to hit him despite the fact that he has the legal right to cross the street.

Maybe he had a few girlfriends in Colombia and they cheated on him just like those back home.

Not exactly the trad wives he was told about.

Perhaps the apartment he lives in is really fucking annoying.

Water getting shut off randomly.

Bugs coming in out of nowhere.

The paint job on the walls is shit.

And whatever else under the sun that could go wrong.

With the taste in his mouth that gets bitter every year as he realizes just how much of a fucking idiot he is working 50 hours a week for an average of 2 bucks an hour as he continues to struggle to make money online.

All the while he only focuses on getting laid still and doesn’t have too many local friends…

Perhaps he’s met a few of the bros on the Roooooo Forum who seemed cool.

But then he realized in person that they are retards who don’t focus on anything except getting laid.

Life is still quite lonely.

As lonely as it was back in Texas.

But now without family nearby.

And his job situation is objectively worse than how it was back home.

The only thing you can argue that is better is that he has had sex with 975 women.

With all the STDs to show it.

He can even whip his dick out and show you all the warts he has with the names he gives them!

“This wart is from Stephanie, this one came from Alejandra, this came one came from Karla, this big one came from Bethany the Australian.”

Always the fucking Australians…

Can’t trust them!

Ultimately, the honeymoon phase is over.

As real life kicks in for Paul over the years of being here.

He realizes it’s not as nice as he imagined perhaps.

Or maybe he has overstayed his welcome.

Given he accomplished at least half of what he wanted – fucking lots of chicks.

But never realized the adventure is over.

He’s getting older and other priorities take shape.

Like maybe starting a family.

Though he might have difficulty doing that now that he has fucked a few hundred chicks and is jaded with women now.

And he is probably as concerned about his financial situation as well.

So while he might be jaded with women these days…

He’s also jaded with his life here now.

Two Paths

We could argue Paul has two paths.

At least two.

For one, he could mature a bit.

Doesn’t mean he can’t keep fucking chicks.

But maybe he reprioritizes things in life and puts more emphasis on things like having a social life or making money or whatever else.

While also coming to terms with the negatives of his new home.

That’s another thing entirely.

One many gringos never do.

For many gringos, when the honeymoon phase is over, the accumulation of dealing with the negatives adds up so much…

That it makes them so jaded with life down here.

It’s all they think about.

Bitching all day to every single person about why they hate it down here

Ultimately, Paul would be packing his bags soon enough and heading home.

Once the 20th person tells him…

“Paul, fuck off already with your bitching about the locals. If you hate it so much, just go home.”

Of course, nothing wrong to vent once in a while or confide in a friend about the negatives.

But that’s another thing from just bitching to everyone about it and only focusing on the negatives.

So, on one path, Paul could be more nuanced in his perspective in life in Latin America.

Ultimately accept the bad with the good.

Enjoy the good when it comes by.

And maybe he won’t be as jaded.

Finding a peace with his life here.

Enjoying it to the fullest.

Or Paul might as likely go home.

For whatever reason.

One of them being that they simply get used to life down here after enough time and don’t go home.

Though usually the honeymoon phase ends quickly enough and they do after the first one to two years.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with going home either.

It doesn’t make Paul a failure.

He simply took on an adventure by moving abroad.

Had his experiences.

Plenty of fun.

Opened his eyes to the world a little bit more.

Time to call it quits perhaps.

And that’s perfectly OK.

It’s also perfectly OK for him to stay and find peace with his new home!

As long as he finds peace that is.

Never finding peace and venturing about everyday bitching about everything is no way to live.

You have to find peace.

At any rate, that’s the main point of this article.

Finding Peace

Of course, Paul is a fictional character technically.

I don’t know any specific Paul in my life right now who is like this.

Though I did have a childhood friend named Paul!

Not sure though if he is living a life like this but who knows.

Haven’t talked with him in forever.

But essentially “Paul” is a combination of different people out there.

For one, it’s partly me.

In part.

As I wrote elsewhere, I was never dissatisfied with work back home because I left home at a very young age also. 

I didn't have decades in an office job I hate.

I moved out of the US at a very young age.

Much younger than most expats.

So I never had that gruelling office job.

I also could never relate to the folks who moved abroad for dating reasons.

I had a few girlfriends back in the US with one right before I moved out.

None cheated on me either.

Though I was never a slayer ripping apart 100s of pussy walls a day like some dudes claim….

I was happy with my dating life overall back then.

Those two particular details about Paul….

Not being happy with the work and dating life are though common enough characteristics in other folks who do move abroad.

Which is why I included it as it does tend to be part of the “stereotypical gringo path to Latin America.”

For young men especially.

When it comes to myself, the part I identify more is coming to terms with the negatives of the country.

I’ve never been one to bitch to every single person about the negatives.

But I am past the honeymoon phase without question with about 6 years in Latin America now.

I have worked for less than minimum wage down here and laughed about it.

And have had a day or two getting really annoyed with the negatives of life down here.

The corruption, the inefficiency and everything in between.

So Which Path Do I Take?

For me, I feel my biggest enemy with my life in Latin America is myself.

At this point in time, I actually don’t give much of a shit anymore about many of the negatives with life down here.

And I make above minimum wage now.

But, as I have written in other articles, I do at times struggle with feeling sad about the past.

With my childhood particularly.

Which has nothing to do so much with Latin America.

It has more to do with me finding peace with that.

That’s what I need to find peace with.

I’ve already found peace with the negatives of life down here.

At this point, I’m come to accept them as they are.

And deal with them as I deal with the various positive benefits that come with living down here also.

Because there are plenty of benefits.

So many that there are moments in Latin America that make me happy.

When I go to a jazz club and hear some Latin song I like playing.

Going out with the friends I have here to hang out.

Enjoying so many of the nice parks in Mexico City.

Hiking up mountains and enjoying the amazing scenery of Latin America.

And the cost of living is more enjoyable now since my income is more normal than before.

Among so many other benefits…

In short, one can really have an amazing life in Latin America.

For me, as I said before, it comes down to those two options.

Either you come to peace with the negatives and accept them as they are with the positives.

All around helping you not feel jaded about life here and enjoying it to the fullest.

Or you go home.

And there is nothing wrong with going home.

I have absolutely no intention with going home nowadays.

But I see nothing wrong with it.

It would simply be another chapter in the life.

As my life in Latin America has been a chapter so far.

Maybe a chapter that only ends when the book is over.

Or maybe it ends on page 50.

Who knows.

All I do know is the right way to go forward is to know what you want.

Look at your options.

And enjoy it to the fullest.

For me, that means enjoying Latin America to the fullest now.

All I ask is for you to do the same.

Be wise about your time in Latin America.

Be smart about why you want to move down here in the first place.

Try not to be so jaded about life here.

Accept the negative with the bad.

Never be afraid to turn to the next chapter if life calls for it.

And enjoy life to the fullest whichever way the book ends.

At any rate, that’s all I got to say.

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And thanks for reading.

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