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The Boringness of Latin America: A Perpetual Vacation?

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If you live in Latin America long enough…

Or plan to visit and live down here eventually…

You will come across different perceptions of what your life is like down here from other folks..

One of them is that you are crazy!

How could you possibly decide to ever move down there?!?!

Pablo Escobar!



Salvadorian Gangbangers!


Bolivian food!

All equally scary…

On the other hand, you have folks who think your life here is a perpetual vacation.

Where you are on the beach 24/7 with Colombian & Venezuelan prepagos…

Sucking you off while you have your 49th mojito that day…

Or Guatemalan prepagos, perhaps if your taste is sophisticated…

Well, the drinking is true – it’s easy to go down that road down here as you can see here.

And one of the reasons for that is because life here can honestly get pretty fucking boring.

Granted, it’s not like my life in the US was constant rumba and doing crazy shit either…

And if you are living down here as one of those young folks who don’t have social security and you are struggling making 500 bucks on 12 hour work days in front of the computer..

Then, I’d say your life is more stressful than boring in my experience back in my days of doing that as you can get a glimpse into here.

But before those days, I was partying quite a bit and having a great fucking time as you can read here.

But then after those days, I’d say my life is fairly non-eventful as of right now.

For one, I’m more of an introvert in most ways despite my sex drive forcing me out onto the streets to get some pussy and have a good time.

But as I have gotten older in the last few years, I guess I have made the decision in part to not go out as much.

And mostly lead a more calm life meeting up with friends and bringing the occasional chick back to my place to suck my dick and that is it.

So what is my life like then really as of November 17, 2017?

A Typical Day

I wake up.

At any hour of the day.

My sleep schedule can be all over the place.


Some weeks I go to bed at midnight and wake up at 6 or 7 AM.

Other weeks I wake up at 9 or 10 PM after going to bed at 2 or 3 PM.

While some weeks I wake up at 1 or 2 PM while going to bed at 6 or 7 PM.

As of right now, I’m in the last group.

Once I do wake up though..

I will lay in my bed with a hangover from the drinking of the night before.

Be it a hard or weak hangover.

Get up to take a piss.

Pour a cup of tea down to get rid of the dehydration.

Then lay on my bed again…

Check my messages and respond to texts.

Watch a few videos on Youtube of cute dogs, cats and animals.

Like this video here.

Oh fuck off, how can you hate penguins?


On that night or day I woke up on, there’s a 50% chance I am meeting someone.

Either a chick from Tinder that I will meet up with..

We will go to a park or bar.

I will try to escalate things with her physically over a good conversation.

If we make out, back to my place and see if she will suck my dick or not.

All within 1 to 3 hours we will know if I get to nut in some chick’s mouth or pussy.

If it’s not a Tinder chick though, then it’s going to be a friend I will meet up with for drinks and catch up on life and all.

Once that is done, I need to work out.

My work out is fairly simple.

Do some farmers walk carrying weights up and down the stairs.

Like you see here.

And some weight lifting with weights I got at home.

Afterwards, I will grab a glass of tea and sit on the balcony overlooking the city and relaxing in quietness.

And probably thinking about a lot of stuff…

  • Plans for the future.
  • How do I improve my efforts in getting more people to buy my affiliate programs more often on my websites?
  • Will I get Alejandra to suck my dick for our date on Thursday?

All equally important topics!

By then, I will maybe take a walk through the park outside if it’s not too late.

Or maybe walk around the streets just because even if it is dark – just to walk.

By which then afterwards I will do one of the following two tasks depending on the day…

Either read a book.

Or improve my Portuguese.

Finally, I will get to work and do stuff with my websites that make me my money selling affiliate products.

Anything else?

Cook lunch and dinner.

Maybe go to the 7-11 nearby and buy 20 liters of water or another bottle of vodka.

Whatever it might be – perhaps go grocery shopping if needed or any miscellaneous tasks when they come up.

And that’s it!

A Vacation?

While I do protest the idea that my life down here is a “perpetual vacation.”

As I do work, damn it!

But, to be fair, my life is easier than most peoples.

Maybe I work 20 to 30 hours a week more or less.

Sometimes 15!

Sometimes 35!

Life is fairly easy overall and the low cost of living mixed with the favorable exchange rate of USD to MXN works in my favor quite nicely to allow that.

Though I wouldn’t say my life is perfect either.

I get lonely at times despite meeting up with folks now and then.

I struggle and continue the fight to quit drinking.

Get depressed sometimes.

Sometimes the culture down here still annoys me – minor quirks but it’s nothing to complain about too much.

And, going along the title of this article…

Life does get boring.

Some days it feels like kicking rocks outside on the pavement would be more exciting than some of the shit I do.

And I feel that issue in of itself comes from two things..

For one, the topic of addressing the mental health issues and the drinking has taken precedent over the rumba for the time being.

As I get older, that is more important to me than going to some random bar.

Second, the fact that life is financially easy down here relatively to how it would be in the US is quite nice but also leaves you with a lot more free time.

Instead of working 50 hours a week, sometimes it’s 15!

Or 25.

So while that allows me more time to focus on addressing some of my very personal issues mentioned above, it also creates more time for you to be bored as fuck with not much to do.

Which, to be fair, is a nicer problem to have than to be working 3 jobs in the US or 12 hour days in front of your computer in Mexico trying to earn 500 dollars a month lol.

So it’s not the worst problem in the world obviously.

And because of that fact…

Ultimately I can change the boringness and be more engaging in life.

And I’ve thought of that – and will likely go out more – as I feel that probably would help me deal better with some of the issues mentioned above.

Something I’m already doing little by little and hopefully it will help.

And so, in part, the issue of life being boring down here does come from within also.

I know a few other foreigners down here who feel the same about it so I guess maybe I’m not the only one.

And is what prompted me to write this article – maybe others can relate to a degree, who knows.

But if you are planning on living abroad, I’d say it can be an issue that you should be mindful of ahead of time.

Though, to be fair, boringness is not always the worse thing in the world either as I hinted at before.

It can be to a degree…

Perhaps more when you are alone and haven’t talked with anyone in a few days while struggling to deal with more personal issues.

But it does have its appeal as you get a little bit older.

A nice day sitting at a park alone isn’t bad either and can be quite relaxing.

Regardless though of the different ways to think about this topic..

Those are the thoughts I have on it.

Got any yourself or any questions?

Drop them below.

Follow my Twitter here.


Best regards,


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