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I’m Going to Write the Book on Mexico City

Published April 6, 2021 in Mexico - 4 Comments

Sitting down with a friend of mine named Angie near Metro Portales.

She is from Veracruz area but lives in Mexico City working as a computer programmer.

Anyway, we were sitting down while watching a movie.

Rocky in this case.

As you can see here below.

Once the movie was wrapping up, we got talking about whatever.

And the conversation turned into my time in Mexico City.

With the little handful of years I have here  so far up to this writing.

It dawned on me -- in that time -- that I only have maybe another two years at most.

Well, as of this writing, I might very well leave Mexico City for a while in December 2021.

Since I will have to renew my debit card and I'm not convinced I can get it to show up to me.

After all, I've had other important stuff sent to me before and never arrived.

So I'm not confident that the debit card can be sent down here.


If I can get a new Paypal card sent in the next few months, then I can see myself staying down here until June 2022 at most.

By that point, I'd like to go home to see my family for a brief period of a few months before living in a new country.

Because when I do leave Mexico City, I plan on being outside of Mexico for a few years.

To have more experience in other parts of Latin America.

So while when I was with Angie, it dawned on me that my time was running out.

And, more recently, it has dawned on me even more.

With that comes excitement.

Excitement to see the rest of Latin America even more.

But it also brings a certain sadness to leave behind -- though perhaps temporarily -- a city that I have grown a lot of appreciation for.

More than any other city in Latin America.

Because of that, I've always contemplated writing down articles detailing the different neighborhoods of the city.

But it was always "an idea" that "I will get around to."

Then a comment came me way by a reader named Dazza on this article here.

Coincidentally enough, he brought up the same idea.

So I've been taking it more seriously.

Reviewing the Idea

This night, I was thinking about the idea.

I remember when I first considered the idea months ago and thought "I'll document Mexico City by metro station."

But then I took a look at the map of all the metros in Mexico City as you can see below here...

And counted all the metro stations...

Well, suffice to say, I'm not going to write well over a hundred articles detailing areas of Mexico City by metro.

Seems inefficient.

Though the idea made sense to me at first because I always have looked at Mexico City by metro station since that is always how I got around.

Still blows my fucking mind that, according to some gringos I know, some Mexican chicks won't go on the metro on a date.

Never met a chick like that before but I can't fucking imagine how they get around the city then....

But that's a side point!

Back on topic.....

Anyway, the idea to do it by metro station seems crazy to me.

Even though I get around by metro and that is how I mentally map out the city in terms of location.

But I figured it would be more efficient to do it by sections of the city.

From Benito Juarez to Coyoacan to Milpa Alta and so on and so on....

But as I now have been contemplating how to move forward...

Originally, the idea was to do this massive project documenting each part of Mexico City in article form...

Then I thought -- "why not make money?"

Even though it might only make me a 100 bucks in the long run...

"Hey, 100 is 100, no? That's like 15 meals at Casa de Toño for some flautas de carne con agua horchata!"

Book to Book

Hell yeah I'm greedy.

I want money for my effort.

Not like any of you paid me for the first 307 articles I wrote on this website....

Granted, I didn't ask so that's on me lol.

Anyway, I remember moving to Mexico City over 4 years ago finishing up a project I was working on related to the Zapatista movement of Mexico.

Visiting cafes that sold their coffee that this social movement made.

Writing up a big project on their movement.

I learned a lot.

And so I suppose also it is a bit ironic then that I will be finishing up this episode of my time in Mexico with another massive writing project.

Started with this website of over 300 articles.

And that will carry over into a book.

That's what I'm going to do.

Write a book.

Fuck that shit.

Write the book.

On Mexico City.

That's right.

I found a purpose.

Going to write the book on Mexico City.

Not necessarily just for tourists.

But for anyone who is interested in visiting and/or spending time in Mexico City.

With a chapter for each section of CDMX (Coyoacan to Milpa Alta to Benito Juarez to Iztapalpa and more).

And finishing the book with tips on how to live here afterwards for those who are not just tourists.

I got 9 months at the very least to 15 months at most to collect all the info on I need on other areas.

So it's time to rock n' roll.

And smash pussy walls.

Always got to smash pussy walls.

And rock n' roll.


I've never written a book before that I am actually going to publish.

If you have any tips, please let me know.


Are there things about Mexico City that you know about that you think would be good to include?

Are there things you typically wish travel guides included but don't?

Certain styles or formatting in books you like or don't like?

Got any ideas on how I'd promote the book or on what platform to sell it on?

Advice in general?

Let me know!

I'll still write up articles on my experiences visiting every neighborhood in the city.

But keep the book project on the side to have something to sell about this city that I have grown an appreciation for.

Anyway, throw any advice you have below.

Or comments in general.

And don't expect this book to be done until maybe 9 months to a year from now. There'll be a lot of work on my end to do it how I want to.


Follow my Twitter here.

And enjoy this music video below that I was listening to as I finished this article up.

Perhaps a video showing what waits for me after I finish my time momentarily in Mexico City.

Beautiful Colombia.

Best regards,



Dazza - April 6, 2021 Reply

Glad to be some kind of inspiration for THE book on Mexico City!

Writing about every metro station would be time consuming but this is how I would plan around this and you will have a nifty little guide that will be worth its weight in gold.

You base the book around the transit stations which are from the map

Mixcoxc, Zapeta, Emma etc – fucking small map that, Matt! So might not be getting spelling right on some of those stations.

And then you using your discretion as an expert – pick the stations of interest that can be traveled from these transit stations! You’re the expert which is why you’re writing the book! Some stations are going to be in the middle of wasteland with nothing there.

So with La Raza – you have line 3 and line 5 – so you select the places of interest via these two lines that join up at Estacion La Raza.

Also, all us first world softies like reading about the no-go areas – so make sure the parts of the city you are writing about that might be sketchy – put a warning sign at the beginning of the chapter and a disclaimer that if anyone gets off there after reading your guide, not to go suing you for damages!

    Matt - April 6, 2021 Reply


    Logically, I think it makes more sense to divide up the book by region (Iztapalpa to Benito Juarez and more).

    But once I start running around to collect information, I’ll definitely be using the metro to get around. In that sense, I’ll definitely be mentioning the metro stations as point of references for how to get to specific spots.

    I agree on the sketchy areas. There’d be no point in writing this if it only focused on the nice areas that everyone already knows about and that have been written about a thousand times.

    Wish me luck.

Dazza - April 6, 2021 Reply

You’ve got this! Good luck, mate!

Colombia is a great idea, I wouldn’t mind being there myself once this COVID nonsense is over.

    Matt - April 6, 2021 Reply

    Definitely get your point about COVID. I heard Lima just went into a lockdown again but not sure.

    No point in going around when shit like that can ruin the trip.

    By the time I’m in Colombia though, it’ll be July 2022 at earliest. So hopefully life resembles normal again by that point or at the very least by January 2023 (I can always revisit CDMX for 6 months until then if not).

    Take care

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