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Meeting the Families of Latinas You Date

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Once in a while, you will meet families of women you are dating down here in Latin America.

If my memory serves right, I think I have met at least 4 families in total.

One family member of a woman I hooked up with named Lizeth in Bolivia.

A Venezuelan chick named Hielen who I hooked up with often in Colombia.

An ex-girlfriend named Marcela from Colombia.

And my last girlfriend who was from Mexico.

There might be one or two more Latinas that I have met the families of but I can’t remember all of them very well.

Either way, here are my experiences and then some overall lessons at the very end…


Lizeth is actually a bit funny in that this was the term time that I can ever remember meeting a family member of a girl I either dated or hooked up with.

You can read a lot more about my time with Lizeth here and the story leading up to what I will say here.

But basically she was a chick I hooked up with a few times.

One of the best chicks I ever fucked to this day.

We never dated formally though.

As it turned out, she already had a man in her life!

Though I didn’t know that at the time.

Regardless, we are at her place naked and just about to fuck…

When some family member – a young woman – knocked on the door and Lizeth opened the door butt ass naked with my dick in my hand fully exposed to this random chick.

In hindsight, I think the family member was concerned because Lizeth had a man in her life and now she is obviously cheating.

I guess the lesson here is not to fuck chicks you don’t know at their place – better at your place.

Who knows, maybe the chick could have called Lizeth’s man and have him come over to kick my ass.


Hielen was a Venezuelan chick living in Barranquilla, Colombia.

I often thought of her as “blowjob girl.”

She was quite average looking – not a super model by any means.

But she was fucking great at sucking dick – though not as good as Deborah here.

Regardless, one time Hielen wanted me to meet her family.

I had showed up to her neighborhood and I figured I might as well check them out.

She brought it up out of the blue when I was there and went along with it.

Her family was overall nice.

They didn’t ask me too any questions.

It was more of a family event going on in his neighborhood of hers that was a bit shitty looking.

A bit like “going to the barrio” for this one.

Unknowingly as it is usually the case – you don’t know her city well and this is your first time there.

Either way, they had some family event going on.

With salsa music blasting out onto the street late at night until like 12 AM and later.

Offered me lots of beer.

Salchipapa, too!

So we had a good time and that was it.

The only time I met them too as Hielen got tired of being “blowjob girl” and was asking for a promotion to “novia.”


Marcela was another chick from Barranquilla, Colombia.

She also was from a pretty shitty neighborhood.

The very first time I ever visited her neighborhood to meet up with her….

The taxi driver turned around and looked at me and said in Spanish – “ok, I don’t know why you are in this neighborhood but this is a shitty ass place to be. It’s dangerous. Stay in lighted areas. Be aware of your surroundings. If someone wants to mug you, don’t fight, give it up. Put some of your money in your shoes in case you do get mugged. Stay safe.”

Nice guy.

One of the few taxi drivers I actually liked in Latin America and I tipped him nicer than normal.

A nicer taxi driver than some of the cunts I wrote about here.

Either way, I only met Karla – her sister – during this trip.

Karla was interesting.

Marcela was much more serious in tone.

Karla was much more cheerful and always laughing.

And honestly, this was the curse of dating Marcela – her whole family I wanted to fuck.

Karla especially – she had a great body – a nice morena with big tits and such a cheerful tone to her.

She also had a white cousin who was cute as fuck.

Even her mom was good looking for her age!

Maybe the female side of her family had really great genes…

Or maybe I’m always horny…

…..or both?

Her grandma? Well, alright….

I wouldn’t go that far.

Unless I had a few shots of brandy first.

But regardless…

She also has a very old aunt that continues to send me Facebook messages promoting Jesus every 6 months or so out of the blue for no reason.

Anyway, Marcela’s family was the first Latina family I ever actually got to know personally in Latin America beyond accidently showing my dick or just dancing salsa with beer in the street.

I remember meeting Karla first and remembering that she was very easy to get along with.

Outside of sex, I even liked Karla more on a personality level.

I always thought I chose the wrong sister of the family to date.

Though, I’m not sure Karla would be the type to date and not just fuck.

In Marcela’s words one time in a taxi when we returned from Santa Marta…

“es una perrrrrrra. Siempre lleva hombres diferentes a la casa cada dia.”

So supposedly Karla liked to have her fair share of men!

Maybe not dating material but she sure sounds like great fucking material!

Nothing wrong with that…

Now with the rest of her family…

She had a white cousin who I felt was cute and seemed polite and easy to talk with.

Her younger brother?

Seemed like a nice man but always very quiet. Never said much and always played soccer on his computer.

FIFA or whatever they call it.

But well mannered.

They had a small dog that was cute and enjoyable to see.

Her parents?

Her dad was a very skinny man who, from my impression, worked long hours to take care of the family.

Well mannered, polite, soft spoken and easy to get along with.

At first, I felt he was a tiny bit too soft spoken – could never get the guy to talk much.

Her mom?

On the first few encounters we had, her mom would stare at me like I was an alien from Mars.


Never say too much but a little more than the dad…

But her staring was intense as fuck – I could be walking with Marcela anywhere in the city and her mom would be staring at me with binoculars miles away…

Now, Marcela asked me for my impression on her family at one point…

And I said everything I said here except the “I want to fuck your sister, your cousin and your mom.”

“And some of her best friends too….”

Perhaps that’s not something you say to your girlfriend?

I suppose it would not be the wisest judgment…

But after my comments on her mom and dad…

They changed 180 coincidently enough…

Though I never told them what I said..

You know, Marcela must have.

Her dad was much more talkative and interactive.

Her mom stopped staring at me and seemed quite normal and friendly.

And all around – I liked her family quite a bit.

I did meet her other family members also on a trip to some nearby village as you can read about here in greater detail…

The summary – they were nice and friendly too.

Only other comment to mention is Marcela didn’t want me to mention to the family that I am an atheist.

And was insistent on any wedding we would ever have had to be at a church though I held my ground on that disagreement if my memory serves well.

And that was it.


Finally, we have my last Latina girlfriend – Brenda.

Brenda was a chick from a small town in Hidalgo.

Who studied to be a doctor and moved to CDMX to continue her studies at the time we were dating.

Now, Brenda and I had been together for probably a few months or so when something happened…

Her brother decided to help her regain access to her Facebook account since he was a computer expert and all.

And in his efforts to do so…

He came across messages between us on her Facebook account…

Now, keep in mind, I’m not the type of dude to buy a woman flowers, wine and chocolate over the course of 6 months in hopes of winning her over to be my girlfriend.

I tend to be pretty sexual fairly quickly – if we can fuck on the first day, all the better!

Maybe the second one if needed…

And the fun doesn’t stop there.

You know, maybe her younger brother was hoping she’d get a fag of a boyfriend who would ask “oh my lady, may I thrust again?”

Or maybe that’s how he was with his girl, I don’t know…

But regardless, he found messages between us that were quite sexual.

Where I’d say shit like “quiero follarte”

And she’d respond with “oh papi, quiero tu leche en mi pussy.”

Among a bunch of nudes as well.

So I’m sure the dude has unwillingly seen my dick and the tits, ass and pussy of his sister.

Unfortunately for him.

On top of that, the guy learned that I have worked in the porn industry by promoting affiliate links to cam sites.

Because of those issues specifically…

And also because the dude seemed to have a stick up his ass about her dating a gringo (foreigner) to begin with from what she told me…

He apparently went full ape shit on her ass from what she told me.

He’d call her a “pendeja” or “puta” or whatever else anytime he saw her for the first month or two after…

Supposedly, based on one story she told me, they had a big family reunion…

And the dude literally went full autistic on her ass.

Not even joking.

He literally started sobbing and going “tu…tu…….eres….una…PUTA!!!!!!!!!”



*sob sob sob sob*

All the while crying and calling her a whore, the dad takes the dude away privately to ask what the fuck is going on with him.

He never wanted to tell them though that she is dating a dude with whom she was sharing nude pics with and saying “oh daddy, cum inside my pussy.”

Being a religious family from a small town in Mexico, I guess that would not work out well.

Granted, it’s not a good look anywhere but I imagine things are quite conservative there.

Especially as, from what she told me, I guess he thought she was a virgin too and got pissed off also on the fact that he believed I was the first to fuck her?

Even though she wasn’t – she had a boyfriend before me.

So the dude had a lot of issues with me.

But never came clean to them about why he was calling her a whore and sobbing in front of the whole family.

Regardless, I did meet her mom and dad eventually.

And that really fucking pissed him off.

He refused to be there when I showed up.

And I also tried to reach out to the guy to settle issues but he wouldn’t.

Now with her mom and dad…

Her mom seemed to be one of those rural judgmental religious types.

We got along fine for the most part.

But on my end, that’s how she came across.

The rural Latina type to go….

“You have walked into my house with red shoes and the Aztec gods say that red shoes are a sign of bad luck! You are EL DIABLO!”

Ok, that’s an obvious exaggeration but you get my point.

On the other hand, her dad seemed the exact opposite.

Religious as well but not very judgmental seeming whatsoever.

And very relaxed, respectful, well mannered and very easy to have a solid conversation with.

Out of her whole family, the dad was by far much more likeable than anyone else.

And a bit funny too – she obviously took that from her dad and the brother took more from the mom when it comes to personality.

Anyway, to save a long story short, we figured we might as well address the elephant in the room and bring up the issues that the brother will bring up in the best light one could.

However we could.

Eventually, the mom and dad had to have a private conversation about it between themselves – being religious and traditional and all – but she told me that they came out and said that they will overlook those issues mentioned above.

The brother? Well, still on some Catholic Crusade against me.

But even though I tried and wanted to meet with the motherfucker to settle differences – he never agreed to meet me face to face.

And ultimately -- by the time our relationship ended for a variety of reasons that made me think we weren’t compatible long time – I never met him.

And that was that with her family.

Final Thoughts

So what are some lessons here?

Some of these lessons I will also be mixing in with my experiences bringing up other Latinas I have dated briefly but with whom I never met their families.

First, promoting porn affiliate links for money isn't a good look for the family.

It’s workable though – as the last family showed – as long as the brother doesn’t go full autistic on it.

So, if that’s your situation, maybe go for a girl who doesn’t have a brother.

Funny to think about – but if I mentioned this to the family of Marcela – I’m pretty sure her brother would have shrugged and kept playing FIFA while Karla would have let out a weird laugh while looking at me sexually like she normally did.

Not so sure about the parents though but they did seem less judgemental.

So every family is different!

But on that note, there’s going to be differences also in terms of background when it comes to the family.

Families from more rural areas tend to be, as you can imagine, more religious and judgemental in my experience.

And more suspicious in general.

But less cunt like – less snotty and upper class like. Less fresa?

Along those lines.

Families from more urban backgrounds – especially if they are middle to upper middle class – can actually be more relatable in some ways.

Like it’s more likely they have experience traveling to the US, having family in the US, knowing American culture better, etc…

And less likely to ask or expect you to give money!

With Marcela, she came from a poorer barrio background in the city with family in rural areas.

She told me that if we got married, she would expect us as a couple to send a few hundred bucks to the family each month even if they didn’t need it.

Because they helped raise her so why not?

One reason among others why I didn’t marry her.

But I can’t imagine a more upper class family or one that is at least comfortable and not rural to expect that.

Another thought I have had also while dating Latinas of different backgrounds…

With a lot of Latinas, you should be aware of possible wider gaps you might have in terms of education and wealth between yourself and her specifically.

It’s one reason why I don’t think I will ever date seriously a chick from too poor of a background here.

As “poor” or “middle class” even in Latin America can mean something different down here than in the US.

Where it is considerably poorer than what you see in the US.

And so your financial and educational difference with her specifically can cause a bigger gap between you two perhaps.

Just generally speaking I seem to relate better and have better conversations with chicks who at the very least come from families that are not dirt poor – at least comfortable more or less.

It might sound classist to say that but it’s the truth.

Another point – you might come across as an alien to her family on the first time you see them.

I didn’t feel that way with Brenda’s family though her mom had what I called “suspicious eyes.”

That look rural folks can give you if you new to their community and you are an obvious foreigner who they have greater suspicions of.

Her dad wasn’t like that at all.

And with Marcela’s family – obviously I felt like an alien with her mom at first.

With Hielen? Not really. They seemed very friendly on the one time I met them.

Another issue I can remember is that sometimes – with the last two chicks – the question of where you two are going to live will come up.

Your country or hers?

Just know that and know what you want. Obviously she has to be on board with whatever you prefer.

Finally, the religious question – tell them you are an Atheist or non-Christian or no?

With the last chick, her family knew I wasn’t and that was just another issue that pissed the brother off from what I was told.

But here’s the thing – after enough time now down here and also just getting older – I don’t see it as wise to lie to her family about your faith or lack of.

If they don’t accept it then you two won’t likely be compatible as her family hating you will cause a lot of issues obviously.

So be open and don’t live a lie – I couldn’t ever lie again about it just because I don’t see it as being smart in the long term if you are going to be married to her for the rest of your life.

If they can accept it, great.

If not, well, tough.

Finally, do they hate Americans?

In my experience, the only Latino family member who seemed to have a stick up his ass about the girl of the family dating a gringo was the brother of the last one.

But did he hate gringos or just me because of the mountain pile of issues that he had with me?

Who knows.

But in my experience, most don’t.

99% won’t have an issue with you.

My advice anyway is to learn Spanish (or Portuguese for Brazil), be respectful obviously and hope they can be respectful of the background you come from also.

Whatever background that might be.

And see where the chips fall if you do date a Latina.

Anyway, those are all of the thoughts that come to mind initially.

Got any similar experiences or questions?

Drop them below.

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Best regards,


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